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3/1/2018 c5 human dragon
i hope that you will update this soon :)
1/14/2018 c2 hawkeyestratos1996
wtf op at a young age.
12/20/2017 c4 Guest
I love the idea of 's great idea with you getting qrow to become jaune teacher and later on introduced to yang and ruby and maybe he saves them from that grimm that attack them when they were kids and change the views of both ruby and yang. Does jaune now
how to perform jar-Kai basically dual wielding from Star Wars force unleashed 2 and combat movies if given time to learn them and his fury mode would make for a good selambec like yang with her anger and red eyes but instead his eye go to grey sliver colour like Ruby's eyes.

Is jaune/Galen harem route with team rwby and pyrrah it would be a challenge for you to do push your limits
12/10/2017 c4 AnimeA55Kicker
Ok, I call bullshit on Galen ever letting anyone force him into cross dressing. Anyone else feel physically pain after reading that?
11/23/2017 c4 Guest
This is an Awesome fanfiction. Seriously the puppydog eyes and play dress up on Jaune/Galen was Super no EXTREMELY PRIZEELESS. I want more updates for this fanfiction and I'm excited Jaune's/Galen's sparring match with Qrow if there will be. What would the students and teachers see Jaune/Galen in his initiation in Beacon. Looking forward for more updates and I love Galen Marek from Star Wars The Force Unleashed and making Jaune developed in a badass fighter unlike in the animated show RWBY. Lastly will you make Jaune/Galen use dual swords like in the Second Game or the stick only the first, either way is fine. Until next time i4md347h.
11/18/2017 c4 Mango eater 24
This pretty good I kinda like it
11/13/2017 c2 Guest
Can we talk about how much his family is garbage ?
11/14/2017 c3 webghost
Great, one of his sisters is an cosplay adtic.
11/13/2017 c4 1Jack Lycan
Not all of Vacuo is a desert so you should be fine.
For Jaune's/Galen's weapon he NEEDS to have a lightsaber! You do know that the Sith often created synthetic Kyber crystals right? And since he's been trained as a Sith for most of his previous life he should know how to make one. Perhaps he could create one using Dust or something, it's also been stated that the synthetic crystals made by the Sith were a lot stronger than the natural ones. I say this because Crocea Mors doesn't suite him, what he needs is a lightsaber.
Keep being awesome
11/12/2017 c4 ZonZus
I say keep them in Vacuo, only because Jaune is absolutely clueless about Minstrel in the show. You can tell sense he knew nothing of Pyrrha a 4 time Minstrel tournament champion, and the fact that their now in Minstrel and he knew nothing about prior to their arrival.

Something I want to ask is if Jaune will ever take a Force Apprentice, and if he does can it please be Ruby. I pick her because she seems like the one least likely to be influenced by the Dark Side.

Here’s an idea you can use to substitute for light sabers (I’m sorry but this Jaune needs to have a light saber, it just wouldn’t be Star Wars without one). The answer is you can use Aura, now hear me out, in RWBY Aura is used defensively for healing wounds and as a shield to prevent serious damage. However you could say with the introduction to the force that this allows individuals to weaponize their Aura.

You can say that Jaune built a prototype light saber to experiment with, and substituted the standard light saber crystal with a dust crystal. However that attempt ended in failure sense the energy inside can not be used as a viable substitute. The trick Jaune discovers though is when he uses an empty dust crystal and fills it with his own Aura, this only becomes possible thanks to the force. By doing this he created the first use of weaponized Aura and Remnants very first Light Saber.

By doing this you can add any property you wish to this creation, hell you can even describe it to be far more powerful than a regular light saber because it’s generated from ones very Soul. If you choose to do this than can I recommend that you change the design and make it unique, you know to make it its own thing. There’s a character in BlazBlue named Es whose swords second form would be perfect for a starting point as a design for Jaunes personal light saber.

When it comes to a Semblance I would think that given Galen’s history you can use that as a starting point. I’ve heard fans describe a Semblance as a power made real by ones inner most desire, others have said genetics plays just as big a role, Weiss being the biggest example. But the show describes that some people just need to find it, case in point when Nora says she discovers hers because of a lighting strike and didn’t die. Kind of makes it sound like if that never happened than she’d never have discovered it.

I digress, in terms of a Semblance it shouldn’t be anything that the force can already grant him, and if it is then it should greatly enhance that particular perk to a great degree. However I hope you avoid that because the force is like a muscle, all it’s aspects powers can grow. A Semblance too but no need to get into that.

Anyway with a Semblance for Galen I would say something along the lines of either teleporting or a dimensional pocket.

With teleporting I would say something similar to the movie Jumper, or Minatos Yellow Flash. I say this because I would love to see this power implemented with Jedi Force abilities, the battles you could write and the potential you could use with it together with the Force is awe inspiring.

With a dimensional pocket I say something similar to Erza’s requipe or Gilgamesh’s Gates of Babylon. Now you don’t need to give him an armory but things you can come up with the uses for it and it’s potential for a Jedi Master like Galen is astronomical. From storing an assortment of weapons, to clothes, ammo, hell if you want to be creative even food, or eventually an entire star ship. I say this because at some point I would love to see signs of the empire making an appearance, not anytime soon mind you but you know, still, and you know galactic travel would be freaking awesome at some point, probably have an encounter with his clone.

Anyway those are my choices for a Semblance, if you choose something else than that’s fine but please at least think it over.
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