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for The Stardust of Remnant

10/14/2022 c6 Dasgun
10/14/2022 c6 For'Sleep 3rd
Revan? Damn... And I'm sure brother God's here is actually a Celestial
10/13/2022 c5 MutantMiner300
I really enjoyed it, hope you can continue it.
9/18/2022 c5 dragonko340
Glad this story isn’t dead.
9/10/2022 c5 HelloEver22
Fantastic story, please continue working on it
8/13/2022 c5 CryingAlex
This is pretty good. You should update this more
8/6/2022 c2 Guest
And here I thought having a bad ass person taking over Juane will give him a back bone. Such a fag
8/6/2022 c5 Guest
This was a really nice chapter. Welcome back.
8/1/2022 c5 12IX404
Nicely done! I've always wondered what would happen if Galen ended up in the world of Remnant. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on this story. So far, so good. Two thumbs up for you, man!
7/28/2022 c5 wolfpackx92
Dude how many years has it been!?
7/25/2022 c5 X3runner
It was cool to see how yang actions caused a shift in momentum
7/24/2022 c5 5Spartastic 4
This was something that I was not expecting to get updated
7/24/2022 c5 Ed
will Jaune find other force-user little him?
7/24/2022 c5 JOOP-ROLL
Nice to see youre back. There are not enough starkiller fics.
7/24/2022 c5 5Gamelover41592
this has potential let's see where this goes
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