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7/24/2022 c5 Ramos
It's just my opinion, but I think it would have been better if Marek left the past behind, he's Jaune d'arc now, he should enjoy the childhood and family he didn't have, but the story gives the impression that despite him have a new family and a new life, he doesn't seem to leave the past behind,
to me he seems to see his family as strangers, even rereading the story doesn't seem like he has a bond with them.
And I don't consider the memories mere flashbacks, but memories of an individual who stole the body of a child, sorry if I'm offending, it's not my intention, that's my opinions of what I understood from the story.
7/24/2022 c5 Dasgun
7/23/2022 c5 fajriirawan
ayo this fic alive, thx for update
7/23/2022 c5 2TheDemonicSaint
He Lives! Glad to see your bringing this fic back from the dead!:)
7/23/2022 c5 shirousagi87
Thx for the chapter!
7/23/2022 c1 antfig
NewMystery356 why the hate. You think Blake came to Beacon squeaky clean. She probably did the same thing as Jaune since she never went to a school being a terrorist. Remember, that terrorist group has killed people that worked for the schnee.
7/23/2022 c5 Asasyn13
It's alive! Thank God!
7/23/2022 c5 Guest
Holy shit your back I thought this wouldn’t be updated ha good luck on your future works
7/4/2022 c6 Guest
Please continue this and ignore what all the haters say this is that good shit
4/2/2022 c6 VongolaPrimo53
Dude why the cliffhanger
Please continue this
3/1/2022 c6 jamal.hatch1999
I'm loving this story and when will there be an update for this and I want to know what happen and will they find out who he really is and is that him talking or the Jedi talking and who will find his secret first.
1/11/2022 c6 6Kamikisekai
12/30/2021 c5 5Thefallenjedi66
12/30/2021 c4 Thefallenjedi66
Fuck you man fuck you. Galen does NOT give in as simple as that
12/30/2021 c3 Thefallenjedi66
Really? WTF man!? Not this puppy eye bullshite. Why did you do this to him?! YOU ARE DEFILING HIM!
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