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for The Stardust of Remnant

7/31/2021 c3 darkprince9080
You’re really forcing the anime thing aren’t you? From him hating spending time with his sister to the anime facial expression with the tic mark and such. Star killer wouldn’t have reacted in such a way, to the point of wishing for no more, it insults his hardship from the dark side to the light so please stop forcing it.
7/30/2021 c4 Eddyg125
Understand they did the whole dress up with Jaune, but it feels wrong with Galen. Other than that good story.
7/30/2021 c3 Eddyg125
Making him cross dress isn't going to make him spend more time together with the family. Good story dude.
6/16/2021 c1 ER-47
Great story
4/6/2021 c6 Gunsword
More please but only if you can.
3/6/2021 c6 SleepyAshOS
Storys of this quality are extremely rate, please continue and make more!
3/5/2021 c1 SleepyAshOS
Please update, the story is awesome!
1/30/2021 c4 Pimity
Do you secretly have a cross dressing fetish that you projected on this story?
11/5/2020 c6 No U
I like putting my penis in moms butts
9/19/2020 c3 5Luffy L Deathwalker
The eldest sister is named Saffron
9/5/2020 c3 R
Galen Marek... getting bullied into crossdressing... because they gave him puppy eyes.
6/28/2020 c6 scout360pyro
Been a very interesting read up to the end at chapter six.
I do hope you continue this story in the future.
No need to rely on the canon plot of RWBY too much either...
6/27/2020 c1 scout360pyro
It does seem a shame you dont see more fanfics with Galen Marek and his kind crossed over. Great potential there given how young he is, how much room there is to develop his character and use him to shake a world up.
I looks lile you havent worked on this short fic for a while but I am certain I will enjoy it none the less.
Your more recent Overlord crossover showed you have a good grasp of writing, and I can see those skills here as well.
5/28/2020 c6 BushidoWookie
pls continue this
4/28/2020 c6 Laxard
I honestly don't know why quite a number of people liked this story, I mean RWBY fandom is popular and crowd here is not very picky, but even considering that story is written pretty yearly, when we didn't knew all that stuff we knew about Remnant, it's just plainly bad. Qrow, Ruby and Galek too OOC, blatant lack of research of setting and starting from chapter 3 there is way too many attempts to humor based only gay and trans jokes and bulling. Some people enjoy other people or character suffering but majority is not. At least not without reason.
While idea of controlling mother and abusive sisters have some merit and was able to fit into canon with minor work, I just can't stop cringing.

Yours Beyond the World Tree is a good story, not without cringeworthy moments, but the difference is how they fit into Setting, and actually play the role in the story working as smart limiter. But here you just made complete looser from Galek.
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