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10/31/2017 c2 3Bloodylilcorpse
Wonderful first chapter! I liked how we got a peek at everyone's character's personalities. However, I might need to see a little more of the characters before I can start picking favorites just yet. The intro song and the scenes throughout of the cast were funny and a pleasure to read. I love that Crimson and Ennui are in this cast, this seems like a good ideal season for them to be in.

Also, both Steven and Jolene seem spot on, you played them well. ;) I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.
10/31/2017 c2 16Joker the prince of all crime
Yasss! I'm ready for this story to begin! I'm sorry that you had to use some canon characters, but it had to happen. And already I'm seeing relationships form! This is going to be really fun! And I like the way you handled Mika, she's exactly like I imagined her(I'm going off the thing of her in the intro) she's definitely going to be a cinnamon roll I can tell! Can't wait for more!
10/30/2017 c2 2aesthetic dream
Nice chapter! It came out on my birthday '-'
I'm really looking forard to the next chapter!
10/30/2017 c2 6Hideki Sohma
Awesome job on the first chapter! Really looking forward to the next one. Cant wait to see the teams and challenges! (Waves lillyshepard flag) whoo!
10/14/2017 c1 2aesthetic dream
Ahaha can't wait for this to start! My fave month is October (heehee) since my birthday is ACTUALLY on Halloween. XD
10/6/2017 c1 11SuperWolfieStar
Name: Nicholas(but he like to call Nick) Ralston
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Goal/Dream in life: To escape his life of misery and abuse and find love
Bio: His parents died in the fire on his ten birthday. It was cause because the candle that was going to put on his birthday cake but later accidentally fall off and landed on the curtains. He keep telling himself that it was all his fault. So he then decided that he will never celebrate his birthday. He was later raise by his aunt but his aunt dislike him even more. She blame him for his parents deaths. So for, his aunt raised him in abuse and virtual slavery. He was force to clean in the house like cooking, cleaning, laundry, mopping, sweeping, and gardening. He later found out that he is gay when he was in high school. He alway dream that someday his prince will lift off his feet and live happily ever after and get alway from his abused aunt.
Like: friend, having fun, drawing, and dog
Dislike: his aunt, bully, mean, racist, and rude.
Hair: golden blonde hair
Eyes: brown eye
Height and weight: 5'4
Build: he a little bit fat
Skin color: pale skin
Everyday wear: shirt, Blue short Jean, brown shoes, and white sock.
Swimwear: white tank shirt and red stripe, and red sandals.
Sleepwear: a white shirt, red Nike short pant, and log white sock
Formal wear: white shirt, long black pant, black shoe, and red bow tie
What do you think would be their placement?:He doesn't care whether he won or not. He join it because it fun and want to get alway from his abused aunt.

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