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8/20 c11 27SaV21
Hi. so much time passed. I am very happy that you updated. it was time for you to do it. Tell me one thing, will you continue taking this long? I mean, you published the story in 2017 and we are in 2020. How much longer do you think it will take you to finish it? I really like history but I don't understand the white room. by the way, I was too caught up in the stories of chichi and Zamaku. beautiful! I hope you finish soon! Currently there are not many stories of milk by Goku or Black.
8/17 c11 Courtney
Him getting so upset about having to dress in white was hilarious.
5/14 c10 SStheInsane
May I ask as to whether you have chosen to continue with this story? I apologise if I am being a little inconsiderate, as the writing you do is exceptional and I understand if you are continuing to write this story and it is simply taking you time due to the detail and impressive writing style you possess. However, if you do not mind my asking, may I please request that you inform us readers as to whether or not you have made the decision to continue this story or whether you have chosen to discontinue it. I once again apologise if you find this demanding or offensive. I hope you choose to continue with this. Thank you!
5/3 c10 caro
woww mas problemas para chichi
12/18/2019 c10 nancyricoleon
Era su esposo y sería ella quien lo trajera de vuelta estoy de acuerdo con chichi bueno espero tu actualización suerte
12/10/2019 c10 Courtney
Yay, another update! Love the conversation between Chichi and Gohan and how Chichi refuses to give up, let alone be left behind. I really hope they can get Goku back.
9/13/2019 c9 GGM1
So far this seems interesting. I really hope the story can continue!
8/8/2019 c9 Averyz14
Please do not abandon this fanfic. Its getting more and more exciting. It must be very hard for chichi. But i know shes strong and goku wont leave her.
8/3/2019 c1 Werewolf48
the reason they're still fused together could simply be because black zamasu had a gods soul because he's part Kai with a kais soul the fusion is permanent. they can just use the dragonballs to diffuse them
3/13/2019 c9 10roku1397
I feel so bad for must be so hard for her.
3/4/2019 c9 foxsqueen
His Goku side makes him to want to go back to Chichi's. He wanted to make sure she was okay and to take his meal (only someone who hasnt eat chichi's food would refuse it).

At least with Goku and the voice of reaso inside that body his attitude cooled a bit.
Whis and Beerus didnt planned this insolation well. They could take chichi with them to keep Zamaku in their place. They need to have him in a state of calm if they want to resolve this predicament in one piece.

Mmmhp but Whis is right. The hour has passed and they are still together... mmmhhp maybe... maybe they kept together because they are the same body? And being the same being phisicaly the potara didn saw a need to separate them, except their minds?
2/28/2019 c9 SweetestChick
Uh oh... Zamaku is such a brat wanting to test Whis like that lol.
2/25/2019 c9 Gracedashes
2/25/2019 c9 nancyricoleon
Pobre chichi ojala y goku regrese pronto
2/25/2019 c9 24ElisaJ
Now I'm curious as to why Goku and Zamasu haven't separated if an hour has passed. Adds more mystery as to what exactly happened. Goku and Chichi's love for each is quite powerful to get cracks to form in Zamaku. He definitely feels something for her.
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