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for The Teacher in the Glen

8/7 c25 2Jonis
Very sweet story.
Thanks for sharing!
4/13 c25 LAB1
Awe! The path to true love is never straight! This was a beautiful adaption and a joy to read!
1/2 c13 Denie1943
This story get better every time I read it. Thanks for sharing...please keep writing!
8/21/2021 c25 Guest
Honestly didn't think I'd like this because I hated the idea Gilbert would have have married anyone but Anne... But I loved this story soooo much! I started after dinner last night and was up way past night finishing it. Then this morning reread the end because I was too tired last night to fully enjoy it! Thanks for sharing!
8/21/2021 c17 Denie1943
Now! Why couldn't you let the Captain finish? Shame on you for letting A&G suffer.
5/23/2021 c1 13previouslyjade
Awww I love that your Davy is the emotional twin! I love a story that not only sparkles with humour and good writing, but also subtly breaks gender stereotypes :)
10/10/2020 c1 Northlandgirl
This was such a lovely story, thank you! I was keeping away from it since Gilbert had married Christine, but.. I was wrong to do that. I, same as Gu─╝, wanted to shake him at Times to make him see the obvious :D
8/13/2020 c10 saraielianals
Wait a minute... o. O... Did not chapter 5 says that Joy never had drink tea in her life? and that's why she chooses the milk instead?

but now it's this funny thing about Gil's tea and toast dinners... o. O... I'm confused.

Also, great story, I'm enjoying it a great deal
7/10/2020 c25 Denie1943
Oh yes... A sequel is a must have. Thanks for sharing! Stay well...
6/7/2020 c23 6TLWtlw
A nice full circle moment that John gave him the ring that he was going to give to Marilla.
5/1/2020 c16 ds
ok...all good...but it was January and roses in bloom or something? no way!
2/14/2020 c24 5CocoaCollidoscope
i loved every word of it
2/14/2020 c23 CocoaCollidoscope
that ring sounds beautiful. i am sure you enjoy it. equally sure Marilla would have, too.
2/12/2020 c1 CocoaCollidoscope
what a delightful start!
2/7/2020 c25 pascal77ks
really great story, I loved it karine
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