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for Ben 10 Primix and the council of the universe

8/7 c29 Fan
3 just decovered it today and i love it
7/8 c29 ArashiNokitsune
If that’s the case ben shouldn’t really give so much trust to ether primus or the alien he is after all trying to protect his family, friends and ultimately expose the council if not archive as many worlds before the so called council exterminates them. (This story feels oddly complicated)
7/8 c29 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
5/28 c1 Guest
5/26 c28 4LycanBlood24
I only found this story yesterday and I already love this story. The only thing that bugged me was the paragraph organization but other than that I loved this and hope to see more of this soon!
5/24 c28 Guest
Great chapter. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see what’s to come up next. I hope Ben turns back to human. He deserves a brake.
5/24 c28 BorderLand
I only just read chapter 27 yesterday and now I aleardy get an update. Sufice to say I enjoyed this chapter a lot.
5/24 c28 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
Op ben
5/24 c28 ArashiNokitsune
I hope after ben pulls himself together he gives the Dimidium a clear message that he’s on a mission to preserve as much life as he can from the council as a living ark key word living he will not be treated like an object he has a self, and I’m still waiting for ben to tell them to lay off his family, threaten family you threaten him
5/24 c28 Julio Abel
Ótima história esperando por mais
5/24 c26 BorderLand
Great chapter, the things are really starting to heat up among the Tennyson's and their extended family.
5/24 c27 BorderLand
Figures that we would see a evolved version of human kind adapted to the pressures from underwater. Humans are know for their potential to adapt after all.

It's cool how Ben starts to catch up with his new role and power, Omnitrix began to be left behind lately, it's enjoyable to see her so irritated. Even trough I like her I have to admit that she dosen't have the most pleasant attitude.
5/24 c25 BorderLand
So Ben really become a god now...welp I am looking forward to what can really be a threat to him now.
5/24 c16 BorderLand
I saw a wild Trix pouting and glaring angrily at Kevin the whole chapter and it was adorable. I loved this chapter.
5/24 c15 BorderLand
I am so looking forward to Ben going All Mighty God on this disgusting organization.
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