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1/12/2018 c15 6Ghost Wolf 114
make him watch doctor who the tenth doctor... XD
1/7/2018 c1 Guest
1/1/2018 c23 kyoanna
this is the BEST loki fic I have ever read I love it
12/22/2017 c23 27Miss Hiraya
Awwww this was nice. Although to be honest there had been times when I just wanted to stop reading since nothing's quite new in the first few chapters. The brainwashing by Thanos, torture, and the sexual assault which almost gave me a headache. Don't take it to heart;I've been reading Loki-centered fics for some time now and I understand that more often giving him a helluva time makes for a greater character sympathy, redemption or something.

But I glad I read through it because not every fic emphasizes on how Loki is pretty much on his own side, some kind of a chaotic neutral, the gray one among blacks and whites. The redemption arc turned out to be interesting, much like howLoki would act. Triple crossing, ha. And I'm glad that some parts of this story made me face-palm with all the stuff Loki's been up togoading Clint, making the avengers underestimate him, (Un?)intentionally saving Pepper to get some gratitude, controlling Jane and double-crossing all of the avengers. The little shit. Most stories I've read just didn't do his title as the God of Mischief, Lies, and Chaos. No matter how much people try to put him in good light, he'll always do something to counter their impressions. His loyalty is to his own above anything elseand Thor and Frigga are two of the people who come close second, if not tying at the top. Not that he would admit, ever. I think. I haven't seen Ragnarok yet (God help me) but I'd like to think the first three movies these brothers appeared in gave way to my conclusion.

That said, I love the ending! And I definitely read that letter in Tom's sassy and arrogant voice.

This makes it one of rare gems I'm glad to find. Thank you for your time making this! Have a grand day ahead!
11/28/2017 c23 29redstarsarc
That climax was intense and I knew Loki would have some convoluted plan for taking down Thanos. Nice cliffhanger by the way. Pure evil but the more evil the cliffhanger, the better.

I like ending. Loki's free from Thanos, he's free from the Avengers and however complicated his relationship with Thor, they'll always be brothers.

Loki may not be interested in conquering worlds anymore but I bet his days of mischief are nowhere near over.
11/25/2017 c23 2anatharize
I wasn't expecting this fic to be so well-written when I first clicked on it. I wasn't expecting it to be very good at all, if I'm being honest. I tend to gravitate towards Loki-centric stuff, I guess.
But this was amazing. You kept Loki's character completely realistic, you somehow managed to make him vulnerable and prideful and the badass that he is, and he was still his usual jackass self. I'm in awe. I've never read a fic quite like this before. Thumbs up to you, bud.
11/25/2017 c22 anatharize
11/25/2017 c23 6ActionLover203
This is a good chapter and a great ending. It's not the good Loki or the bad Loki I was expecting, which makes it so good. I'm glad you feel proud and happy, and I'm honored to have read your story and lifted your spirit!
11/25/2017 c19 2anatharize
And I'd been expecting Loki to see the error of his ways. Really, though, I love the way that this story's been going. It's a nice change from the cliché redemption stuff.
11/25/2017 c16 anatharize
Another wonderful chapter. My heart hurts a lil now, though. Poor Loki.
11/25/2017 c15 anatharize
okay, okay, okay. Lotta things to say here. One, good on ya for having him watch Sherlock. That is truly a show fit for the gods. Two, I LOVE how you're writing Pepper. She's beautifully in character and so kind. I feel like if Loki wasn't, well, himself, they'd be best friends. I adore this story.
11/25/2017 c14 anatharize
Good Loki is the best Loki :)
11/25/2017 c13 anatharize
Ah, Steve. Waking everyone up is a perfectly reasonable thing to do if there's a new season of Sherlock to watch. It's for your own good.
11/25/2017 c12 anatharize
11/25/2017 c11 anatharize
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