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10/31/2017 c2 48Reader115
Cuddly Leo is my favorite :D I wonder if he even remembers what he said (betting no based on the 1st chapter)
10/9/2017 c1 11yukio87
So Leo and Raph are feeling something different that apperead from the talking they made in the Point of View? And then Leo and Raph are gonna be together? I love them like lovers! Please try to update soon and please try to update 'Crack', please? I love that story. I re-read it over and over again because I like the way you write them and how Leo is accepting his feelings for Raph and I wanna see how Donnie, Splinter and Mikey take their relationship and how Leo is gonna find out that his feelings for Raph is love? And how Leo is gonna tell Raph what he feels for him? How Raph is gonna react?. So please try to update this story and Crack. I'll be expecting for more. Good luck and take care
10/9/2017 c1 efarraiz
hola que tal.

siiiiiiiiiii, me encanta continua por favor. siempre me a gustado la relaciĆ³n de raph y leo.
10/9/2017 c1 Guest
Aww he's all aflutter.

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