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for Sky Of The Night's Light

4/19/2021 c7 DeeepSeas
Ahhh so cool Can’t say I know the story of FF15 all too much. Only played 14 but this sure as hell is cool. That op ness and the cute interactions. I’m a fan. Mahouka is a hard series to write for so I’m glad you managed to take a strong swing at it. All that science stuff is hard man. But the way you explained it made it pretty clear. I’ve no idea on the mud part but that’s something I’ll pull up the wiki for later.
12/10/2020 c7 KingAllen
More of this please! Revive this
10/25/2020 c7 Guest
Everything about this chapter was forced. There is 0 reason for him to be involved with Yotsuba at all apart from 'plot'. He doesn't need to disclose anything about himself and the head of Yotsuba is allowed to be suspicious but to not even thank him for rescuing his daughter we can see he is no better than the ones who kidnapped Maya as he cared nothing about the boys life and wouldn't hesitate to shoot him should he appear to be a possible danger. That is another major problem with this story, how the Yotsuba are constantly taking the moral high ground and everyone else must be evil for not being on their oh so righteous side. The fact is Yotsuba clan wouldn't hesitate to kidnap an heir to an enemy clan or just outright kill them without hesitation yet for Dahan to kidnap their prize girl they must be the most evil scum in the world as Yotsuba are the most 'benevolent'. The story is good and well written but these two main problems are hindering me from actually immersing myself in the novel.
10/25/2020 c5 Guest
Honestly your mc doesn't take this seriously, he didn't teleport straight towards the centre and hung around playing with weak mobs, and then when he realises something big is happening he still continues to monologue and doesn't even put his all into destroying it and gets blocked by the shadow and says things got worse, instead of destroying the shadow in 1 hit like he obviously can as a god.
5/12/2020 c1 BushidoWookie
I just wish you would continue this story
4/28/2020 c7 2JeaSonDash
What's this? A Fate stay night fanfiction?

... Actually, nah. I could be wrong.
4/18/2020 c7 Guest
update please
3/31/2020 c7 ianism0
I can’t believe I only found this fanfic now. Such an awesome story! I hope you can find some time to continue this!
1/8/2020 c7 DarkBlight
I don't remember the last time I reviewed this story but what I do know is that, even now, I'm still craving to see an update for this awesome story.
1/7/2020 c7 BushidoWookie
pls update this
12/18/2019 c6 KingAllen
10/24/2019 c1 emiya unlimited blade works
Please pick this story back up. It is really good so far and one of my favorites and I really don't want this story to die.
7/20/2019 c7 Rosier1389
Hopefuly author continues this its pretty good
6/28/2019 c7 HeavenLibrary
servant class of noctis is ruler/moon cancer
5/10/2019 c7 ACEOFTHEHEART
plz continue.
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