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for Sky Of The Night's Light

3/30/2018 c14 S H I B A
I found this story just earlier and I have just finished till the current chapter. And I have to say that damn! This is so fuxking good dude. Thank you for the chapter and thank you for making this. I sincerely hope that you continue this and update it. Cause it would be a waste to let this end like this. Seriously, very good story dude. Good job!
3/22/2018 c14 17Ben56
I like this story, i will be waiting the next chapter, i was planing to write a story crossover of Brave Frontier and Mahouka no Rettosei to. I will be using a unit of the game, a God so powerfull that can create and destroy worlds a dimensions easily. Though he is not bad, more like neutral, his name is Roglizer. On the other side, whit this story, i like even more Noctis as characters for future stories. I will give a look to your other stories, if you can read Spanish, i invite you to read my stories. Thank you.
3/16/2018 c14 Goetia
Awesome chapter! Please update soon, I want to see Genzou’s reaction to the existence of Heroic Spirits!
3/8/2018 c14 MarinaLuen
when's the next Chapter?
3/7/2018 c7 Guest
Update or give the story to son else
3/5/2018 c14 1enumeaelish666
please update, this is in the best part
2/3/2018 c14 mmiller25819
is this over
1/24/2018 c14 Finder18
Thanks for the update but chapters 13 and 14 are duplicates.
1/19/2018 c14 DALucifer13
i have a theory. some time after the death of the true king, the world reset. it reset with only legends left to spread through history of the one true king. if he reveals his name those who have heard the legends will know who he is. noctis lucis last king of insomnia.
1/19/2018 c7 DALucifer13
so this is post ffxv ending... wonder of he can use king mode?
1/14/2018 c14 Guest
This was way too short, I need more ;-;.
1/14/2018 c14 4Mythfan
Be careful with handling the class. A second saver might appear in grand order.
1/13/2018 c8 1technodude458
*reads chapter* alright apparently somebody messed with the holy grail
1/13/2018 c14 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Why is it that he tells them what he is? It is pointless.
1/13/2018 c14 1OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for the chapter :)
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