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11/2/2017 c11 dark.wizard92
It’s extremely rude to just appear before someone or in this right in there home, he wouldn’t make friend with that travel methods

It’s remind me of how Dumbledore say that’s you must give your host a chance to deny your visit :D
11/2/2017 c11 1OoOXylionOoO
I can't wait to read more !
Please keep up the great work!
11/2/2017 c10 OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for the chapter, I greatly enjoyed reading it!
11/2/2017 c9 OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for your work.
11/2/2017 c7 OoOXylionOoO
Nice chapter, keep up the good work.
11/2/2017 c6 OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for the chapter.
11/2/2017 c5 OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for the good work.
11/2/2017 c4 OoOXylionOoO
Mwahahaha that was great. Thanks for the chapter.
11/2/2017 c3 OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for the chapter :D
11/2/2017 c2 OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for the chapter, it was quite enjoying to read.
11/2/2017 c1 OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for the chapter.
It sure was quite interesting to read. This seems to be the beginning of a wonderful story.
Keep up the great work.
11/2/2017 c11 primus101
I find it interesting that he is going to appear seemingly at random in the Yotsuba territory, however since his mission is to protect earth from threats, maybe there is something (or someone) with the Yotsuba that could someday become a threat. Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge. Keep of the great work and update speed!
11/2/2017 c1 22Yolea Irk's
Why I found this masterpiece now, not months before? I can't believe I miss it!
11/2/2017 c11 YuukiAsuna-Chan
No point with a reading fic of this yet. It simply isnt long enough to bother with one now.

Especially when most fics get abandoned (i hope it doesnt happen).

Look forward to next chapter. Though honestly seems odd he would just turn up. I mean he really has no reason to. I was expecting them meeting again at random, you know, paths just cross months/years later. Its just odd, he really doesnt (at least shouldnt) be attached in any meaningful way to Maya so has no reason.
11/2/2017 c11 22edboy4926
Good chapter
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