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11/2/2017 c11 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
pffffftttt ahahhahaahahahaahh nc furry boy timing, but why are you updating this i thought for surely you would go back to Thousand Phantasm

well sweet chapter for him to go there
11/2/2017 c11 Volfy790
Good chapter
11/2/2017 c11 Dark.Lord0
Great chapter
10/31/2017 c10 28SkyRig
...I officially love you, dude, for writing this magnificent piece. I wonder how Tatsuya will be if he comes to exist in this world?
10/31/2017 c10 2duked
A great chapter again.
Besides destroying Dahan Noctis could also steal all their secrets and bank accounts.
Perhaps it would be a good idea to make him Maya's husband, but only Miya's lover, so that Tatsuya and Miyuki can be cousins.
10/30/2017 c10 YuukiAsuna-Chan
If he is a Heroic Spirit than he would appear in the form when he was at his peak. So the AN at the end and readon for nerf doesnt hold.

And Heroic Spirits are op man. They are basically Divine Spirits.
10/29/2017 c1 walawelehu
Interesting story. I don't mind if your chapter is shorter than the others.
10/29/2017 c10 primus101
And so the star called Earth was saved thanks to Noctis and an Ascended Lunafreya. ‘Meeting the Yotsuba’ next huh. I can’t wait to see how they interact with him, especially Miya. Keep up the phenomenal work and update speed!
10/29/2017 c10 Volfy790
Great chapter, can you make a story where noctis is summoned in fgo as saver or ruler.
10/29/2017 c10 dark.wizard92
Can’t wait for the next chapter, there it would be interesting how the Yotsuba will be reacting to all of this

And we must not forgot that they are slighted by Maya fiancé family that must too provoke an action
10/27/2017 c9 primus101
Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV . . . The King of Light . . . The Chosen King . . . is a HEROIC SPIRIT! And he has Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig! He has to qualify as a Saver servant or a Ruler servant at the very least! By the Astrals I didn’t see that coming! Keep up the PHENOMENAL work and update speed!
10/27/2017 c9 fhchshEinzbern
Ok, so who the hell summoned him. Also, what is his nobke phantasm.
10/27/2017 c9 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
wait, that legend is a TypeMoon element? I though that was FFXV element
10/27/2017 c9 Volfy790
Nice chapter
10/25/2017 c8 primus101
And now we know why Tastuo/Noctis is there. Ah, Carbuncle reminds me of Fou/Cath Palug the adorable little beast of calamity. It could be that the Saegusa betrayed Maya specifically to save their own asses, this could lead to a huge division in the clans especially if the other clans don’t give support to the Yotsuba going after Dahan. That could generally lead to a departure. Great chapter and keep up the update speed!
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