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1/3 c33 kuonhizuri16
Updated chapter
12/8/2021 c33 12Parkerbear
Hi there. I...had not realized, upon beginning my binge-read, that this was not yet complete. It is an amazing fic. Truly amazing. I know that a plea from a stranger can sometimes come across as bratty an ungrateful and unwelcome, but please know I would be so very grateful if you gifted us with another chapter. I know how life gets and how stubborn stories can be, please know it would be so amazing to hear how everything turns out! Thank you for this.
12/5/2021 c33 Guest
Updated chapter please
10/19/2021 c33 Laurachan03
im in love with your stories, really. thank you. T.T never stop writing, pleaseee

just a little observation. Julie uses Kyokos name when shes proposing the plan and she doesnt know it yet.
9/28/2021 c15 Noveisadoge
“defenestrated”! Haha I laughed too long at that (once I looked it up)
8/19/2021 c33 1The Real Jackie-O
Thank you for the update!
7/27/2021 c33 Apple Yumi 94
dannnnng this is right attention apex tooooo! very nice. im looking forward to the next chapter
7/27/2021 c27 Apple Yumi 94
yea report her asz for sexual harassment !
7/27/2021 c26 Apple Yumi 94
yasssss food over flowers any day lmbo
7/27/2021 c19 Apple Yumi 94
you're damn right I'd be pissed g lololol. good looking out fam. I'm speed reading this story it's so smooth to absorb hahaha you can't stop the amazingness so soon. thank you, on to the next chapter whoop whoooop
7/27/2021 c13 Apple Yumi 94
that is so selfish of saena to restrict Kyoko's dad from being involved in Kyoko's life just because he offended Saena

that is not her place to keep her child away from the other parent just because then2 parents had a bad situation

selfish af
and her "rationalization" of the situation is lopsided 1-dimensional and again selfish af smh I'm done ranting

this story is great
7/23/2021 c2 Apple Yumi 94
I like sho written this way
7/23/2021 c1 Apple Yumi 94
yasssss give this cautionary tale okurrrr
6/15/2021 c33 Guest
Thank you for sharing
6/4/2021 c33 snoo24
also... I tried... SO HARD to ration each chapter to make it last longerBut it was just *that* good! hahaha
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