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10/29/2017 c4 21katmom
Another fun chapter. Thanks for sharing. DU needs to be locked up!
10/26/2017 c3 3Littlest1
You know I can’t help but think that:
- Lucius would be ‘I’m to sexy for my shirt’, - Luna is ‘into a fantasy’ by Alexander Rybek.
- Katie Johnson ‘Girls run the world’ Beyoncé
- Daphne Greengrass ‘Cinderella’ by the cheetah girls

These are just possible songs. I love music so I am really enjoying this story.
10/25/2017 c3 5romulus lupin

I think this is the first time I've read an HP story where music has been so seamlessly woven into a story, and the song selections do match quite well with the characters associated and even the occasion.

"Monster Mash" by Vincent Price? I didn't even know that he had such a song ... and wondered, for a brief moment, why this wasn't the song chosen for Snape. Until I realized that I was conflating Vincent Price with Alan Rickman. :-)

Anyway, I do have to congratulate you for the approach taken - specifically using appropriate songs without regard to timeline. Thinking back on the few 'song fics' out there, most people try to remain 'time appropriate' (as in keeping song or music selection within the same time frame as the series) which does limit selections.

For that, bravo!

I do have a bone to pick, however: did you have to cut off this chapter *here*? It's been so upbeat (dancingly so) but did you have to end it with the Dementor's pinup girl and her thoughts? Ugh! I am hoping that the next chapter will be up so to wash the foul taste (and thoughts) out of my brain ... where's the bleach when you need it?

Double ugh!

Your story has had me haunting YouTube for the various songs you've used (are those guys paying you for this? I noticed that your song selections usually pop up within a few letters being typed in ... if there is an increase in views, could this be because of your tale? ;-)

Anyway ... for some reason or another, I found myself browsing and *finally* finding "La Donna e Mobile" (thanks to your story and the need to listen to the songs) and, after looking into the background of the song - and realized how often it is used inappropriately. I mean, it's a song about a woman - and then to hear it as the trailer music for "Forged in Fire"!

Anyway ... was wondering if there was anyone in the HP universe for whom that song is appropriate. Lavender, perhaps? With Blaise Zabini 'translating' the song while smiling at the music and its meaning?

Also (and as a sop to my Trekkie heart) the original series' theme music for Rolanda Hootch? Although thinking about it, I think that would have been a perfect melody for Luna the Explorer ("... to boldly go where no one has been before") ...

Anywhoo ... thank you once again for an entertaining tale.
10/24/2017 c3 happylady
I loved this chapter
I will be glad when Luna tells her story and maybe the McGonagall will do something about Phineas.
Until next time
10/24/2017 c3 21katmom
Excellent idea, Fawkes!
10/13/2017 c2 happylady
Wonderful chapter
I think Luna should have turn Ron for calling her that name. But he will get his in the end.
Until next time
10/12/2017 c2 katmom
Such a joyful chapter...until the end when the TOAD joins the scene! Thanks for sharing.
10/12/2017 c1 katmom
Lovely start. Luna is a joy.
10/12/2017 c2 3ctc1000
Good chapter - I like how Phineas Black ratted Luna out to Delores - makes sense for him given if I remember correctly, he ws supposed to be one of the worst headmasters. I am afraid I am not familiar with some of the songs like Enter the Gladiators but I hope it is a testament to Ron Weasley's general stupidity. It is quite cute so far although it does veer away from Harry given that Luna takes front stage.
10/10/2017 c1 ctc1000
It is a very cute concept. I am unclear on how far you can take it but certainly it is initially very funny.
10/10/2017 c1 happylady
Great chapter
I don't know how I feel about Luna not being in Ravenclaw, but that's ok. I love how friendships are growing
Until next time
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