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5/2/2019 c10 Guest
Next please
10/16/2018 c10 V 4 Vellian
Wha? An Update?

I must be dreaming, lmao. Good to know you're still alive at least and I noticed your writing has actually improved. Keep it up.
12/24/2017 c9 2Jazzmo03
Awesome! I just binge read all of this and it's pretty funny. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
12/21/2017 c9 V 4 Vellian
It was a pleasure to read this chapter. Because not too long ago I just got done blowing 2 blunts awayyyyy. I'm so high right now, but I read everything and thought it was funny. I am also hoping soon we could get some character development between a persona and a main character. Or maybe a persona and another persona can develop a bond, like with a persona that compliments their own.

Also, my favorite part of the story "Chatwin, I know you're all about bravado but its making you more and more like a bitch the more you try to stunt on your colleagues and everybody in the damn mall. I just wanna let you know that."

For some reason, I laughed more than I probably should have, lol. I had fun reading
12/15/2017 c8 V 4 Vellian
I appreciate the shout out in this story. Be on the lookout for a new chapter of my story later on tonight, Kara. Around 11 pmish I will upload it. That is, if you will still be up by then, lol.

Getting on with this chapter, I found it slight amusing of you using some of the songs we all know and even Chipotle as a thing in the story. It is your fic so you can do whatever the FUCK you wanna do. (I doubt you'll get that reference, lol.)

And the moment Absurd started fucking with Bulma, I knew he was gonna be my favorite character. The moment he started messing with that Chipotle lady, I had to hold back my laughter. Right now I'm in the library and I wanted to bust out laughing so bad, lmao.

This is by far, my favorite chapter.
12/3/2017 c7 V 4 Vellian
Bruh, you talkin about Jeffy from SML? I was dying laughing at that last scene. Like you really went overboard with the word fuck, but I fucking loved it, lmfao.

Well, one thing that really gets me is how Lust showed up. I was kind of weirded out, but in my mind I'm like 'Interesting...' So I can't wait to read up on him.

Also, I have a little theory about Kid Vegeta. I feel like the personality he shows is to what innocence Vegeta happened to have before he was put into the world of constant fighting and killing. The personality being innocence.

As far as this chapter goes, I really liked it. Wish I could have had a blunt and made a game by taking a hit everytime you said fuck, because it would have made the read far more interesting for me. I really enjoyed this chapter K47. Keep it up.
11/13/2017 c6 V 4 Vellian
It's kind of funny seeing Goku actually trying to take charge of something so serious, lol. I, personally don't think he'd be able to do such a thing without the help of Vegeta.

Good chapter, K47
11/7/2017 c5 V 4 Vellian
This chapter in particular, in my opinion, is the best one by far. It's very funny and there are less errors. I like how the personas are and can't wait to meet some of the personas that Goku himself has. Good cliffhanger, Kara. I shall patiently wait for the next one.

Happy Writing.
11/7/2017 c1 Guest
Have you read Vegetachik's "Too Many Voices"? This story reminds of that and it's one of my fave fanfics.. I really like this version too. This one is funnier. The other one is more angsty..
10/31/2017 c4 V 4 Vellian
Honestly, I feel this chapter was a bit fast. I don't know if I read it too fast, but meh.

In other words, the story is still intriguing regardless the grammar mistakes. I'll continue reading for sure ;)
10/30/2017 c1 Nyrax
Que super
10/18/2017 c2 V 4 Vellian
Stories rarely make me laugh, even good ones. That part with Vegeta waking up beside his copy threw me off a little and made me chuckle, which isn't something I should be doing cuz I'm in the damn library, lol.

I really do like this idea of copies tho.

Q: Will they all be the same personality wise, or will there be some differences in how nice, mean, temperamental, etc?
10/15/2017 c1 11Mira-chan2
interesting so far! Hope tonsee another chapter!
10/12/2017 c1 V 4 Vellian
Certainly hope you continue the story. So far the plot is interesting in its own way. I'll be looking forward to it, Kara.

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