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2/14 c2 shadowwolf76
I LIKE IT. please continue
2/16/2022 c2 last48hours1
This looks like the beginning of a really good story
8/10/2021 c2 master of death12345
please continue
7/25/2021 c2 Guest
Look forward to seeing new chapters soon.
2/3/2021 c2 PrinceFroze
Oh I love the start of this fanfic it’s epic ! I’m sad that u haven’t updated any of ur stories ... only a few chapters on each ... I hope one day u finish this one ...
6/4/2020 c2 1inuyasha16451
Omg. Please please come back and update this awesome story soon
7/10/2019 c2 7jabarber69
Hey this a fascinating story and well written too!
10/22/2018 c2 LCF
Fun, fun, fun! Having Harry become Remy, is awesome. Having him channel a bit of Doc Holiday was even better!
Hope you continue this - It's a winner. 100/100.

8/8/2018 c2 Dezzi95
I'm extremely interested in seeing how this story progresses, can't wait for updates :)
8/8/2018 c1 Dezzi95
So this was absolutely amazing! I can't wait for more :D
1/5/2018 c2 3Wolfdemon1235
I am getting a very strong "Tombstone Doc Holiday" vibe here
1/3/2018 c1 2Tolotos
a nice begin dor this Story
erm... this fine "Establishment"? Not Etablissement?
12/23/2017 c2 3Deathmvp
great job on this chapter. I really like how you did the fight scenes in this chapter a lot. I also love how people reacted to Dumbledore in this chapter. On a side note I was almost expecting him to say don't mess with the X-Men from the 90s cartoon series cuz you use the almost the same opening from That's So for this good touch on that by the way.
12/20/2017 c2 1Araytigre
Ding Dong the #!$% is dead, and Dumbles is Orderless! As Amelia said, it's his own fault. Also, as Lily was thinking, her and James' road to redemption where Harry/Remy is concerned in particular, will be long and arduous. Sadly, Tom is not going to be a happy camper (not that that is any different, lol), with his Chief Lieutenant dead, and the rest of the team either dead or captured, on an operation that should have been a no brainer no less, heads are going to roll (or at least a few dozen Crucios or so). Glad that Tonks could prevent him from outright murder, which it would have been in Rudolfus' case (the rest being self defense, or in defense of others). Thank You. TTFN
12/18/2017 c2 mooneysfate
good chapter! yay, dumbles is getting his dues back! :)
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