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for Remember The Darkness (The Dark Lord Does Not)

10/31/2020 c21 1Cycles Of The Wind
Just... this was an absolutely amazing story.
6/13/2020 c7 4Rachelme177
I thought I loved Lord Bob Ramon, then you threw in Lukey Pookey! I love this story.
6/4/2020 c21 hisnhers
Oh my woorrrd! You did not saddle that poor, innocent child with that name! Lololol!

Ch 44, yup. Off to read more of that one in a moment.

Thank you, for sharing this fic! This one is definitely a fav. I needed this laughter so much. Starting to go stir crazy in this worldwide quarantine. Since I am in a VERY high risk group I have a longer quarantine period than others. Mine started in Jan due to the flu season, Therefore it's been 6 months... so far. Ugh! Sigh. Thank goodness for ffn! And Amazon Prime... Just sayin'.

Sniff. I will miss Lord Bro and Co., Even those Ramonettes ... Giggling!

Have a Good Day and Stay Safe!

6/4/2020 c20 hisnhers
This is too funny. Silly as can be, but funny.

6/4/2020 c17 hisnhers
wow. harry seems so happy.

6/4/2020 c16 hisnhers
Oh dear. Severus is here to stir the pot...

6/4/2020 c15 hisnhers
Doodledumb. Ugly Away-icus. Rofl! I could see that scene with Gilderoy so easily.

6/4/2020 c14 hisnhers
Wolfy Brain? Lolololol!I

I have really needed this laughter! Oh my.

6/4/2020 c12 hisnhers
I definitely need to write an apology.


6/4/2020 c11 hisnhers
That is my given name. I gave it to myself. Lolol!

6/2/2020 c10 hisnhers
Facepalm. I can see Lord V calling himself this and grinning like an idiot, while Harry laughs his head off.

6/2/2020 c9 hisnhers
Yes! Trixie it is! awww. He loves his pet.

6/2/2020 c8 hisnhers
I vote... Trixie.

6/2/2020 c7 hisnhers
Holy cow. The nicknames... lol!

5/31/2020 c4 hisnhers
I am laughing so hard. Bro and Co. oh dear me... I have to stop so my hubby can sleep. The last time I read a hilarious fic I nearly scared the poor man to death laughing so hard.

I SHALL RETURN! said as dramatically as possible, of course.

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