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for In Love With The Enemy

5/16 c20 Joe
To be far this stry is rally good. I luv wimpy kid rowly. He is favorite character i lub him very much. I think this rowly is not godd compared to my oc. Son rowly. he is a super saiyan and culd beat greg easily. his power level is about 6000 he is very strong. he is ultra instict and can beat everyone. he even said i was cool. so you kknow it has to bee true. dont steal my oc.
4/7 c20 125Atarya QueenofEgypt
Can I see a Greg and Rowley story?
2/25 c10 Guest
Phoebe is so mean :((((. I hat here :(((((. If i saw Phoebe i would say a bad word like *# ?
2/25 c9 Guest
Say what?!
2/25 c8 Guest
2/25 c7 Jacob
Personally I like the newfound tension building up between Rowley and his Best friend. Is it just his superstition, or could he be right? I think Rowley may have become paranoid through the novel.
2/25 c6 Buttface McFarts
WHATT?! My favorite ship! :((((((((
2/25 c5 jACOB
Great chapter. I think him keeping his secret from Greg was the rigth direction for your novel. However... where is the hot steamy stuff
2/25 c4 Jacob
This is too sexy for me. how is there romantic tension already so high?
2/25 c2 Jacob
This cha[ter really got my blood boiling. So many questions are left unanswered. Why does Holly look different? Is she hot now? I want my quesitions answered
1/18 c14 fortnitw
12/24/2019 c17 Adolf bitler
Let them have a three palm the end plz
12/23/2019 c4 A Real Bot
bruh you wrote couch katie the correct term is coach katie
12/13/2019 c5 Guest
12/8/2019 c16 THICC
Very dramatic ending please write more because it has a lot of potential
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