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for Death's Gambit

10/14/2017 c2 SereniteRose
another lovely new chapter, I just adore and love these two chapters so far, thanks ever so much.
10/14/2017 c2 11Emperor's Sister

Loved this chapter soo much! from the hug to picturing Emma Watson knee Johnny Depp in the balls! Please write more soon!
10/14/2017 c2 1Yeddi
Awesome chapter, thanks for the quick update!
I wonder when she will meet Steve again. It would be interesting to hear Steve's POV, I'd like to know how deep his feelings for Carter are at the moment in comparison, and how the mystery of Hermione plays on his mind... and what he made of that hug.
10/13/2017 c1 11Emperor's Sister

Hmmm, very interesting. I wonder how much her hunting down the hallows will change her timeline if/when she returns. Please write more soon!
10/13/2017 c1 RoselynFey
Love it, update soon(ish I am not one to push people)
10/12/2017 c1 1Yeddi
Amazing! Can't wait to read more.
10/12/2017 c1 SereniteRose
lovley new story, can't wait to read more chapters that you will write, thanks ever so much.
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