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10/25 c2 3Charlee56
The talk of heirs and estates and consorts was quite obtuse. Needs to be made less so IMHO.
10/22 c10 BMS
Good one.
10/22 c10 Biblio388
Fun. Hilarious to read how the girls think he is a little slow in some regards.
10/22 c10 erik
Poor hard done Harry, recovering from the war.

Great fun, thank you.
10/21 c10 wookie100
Well THAT was enchanting. British Beach Bars - Bahamas... This has it all. Except the ?Gunboat? They really don't make good 'party boats' the cabins are too narrow. They are made only for speed. You can get a huge Lagoon or Fountaine Pajot with so much space they become deep water capable cruising house boats. More room for toys too.
4/14 c8 The Shadows Mistress
ok i liked this one ; a little politics here and there same people i don't like get their comeuppance so that's good; lovely looking forward to more
4/14 c7 The Shadows Mistress
ok this one was more amusing, liked it, cant say im a ron fan either. oh i know he is better in the books but meh.
4/14 c6 The Shadows Mistress
another amusing one, really love Tonks i mean who doesnt
4/14 c5 The Shadows Mistress
ok this one i liked too cute, quickly fixed stupid issues with canon that shouldnt never been a thing
4/13 c4 The Shadows Mistress
Too bad Tom, similar to the one with the gun but good. always wondered why no one did that to snatcher teams in cannon. sheeple I guess; i mean geeze Hermione got to a youth hostel
4/13 c3 The Shadows Mistress
Ok once again no clue what I read but was funny as hell thanks
4/13 c2 The Shadows Mistress
I liked this one, would be a good story too
4/13 c1 The Shadows Mistress
im not sure what i read but was pretty funny, looking forward to more
3/15 c9 2alix33
You meant "Bill's wedding".
The aural pic of Hermione's parents missing out on Australian accents and only eating shrimp only because Hermione hadn't shagged herself and Harry silly prior was very funny.
3/15 c8 alix33
Luna meant to say "You don't like my breasts".
Harry meant to say "Thery're brilliant".
Yay! for what happened to Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge,
Damien Greengrass meant to say "wiping out the Longbottoms".
Daphne called Hermione Harry's "confidant".
Lavender "pushed past Katie".
Angelina would have said "your house's vassalage".
Ron Weasley would probably have said "Who's" instead of "Whose". He is certainly stupid enough.
Harry would have said "if she wants to".
Yurika would have said "Vane's mixture".
Romilda "pushed past her".
I loved the way Lavender banished Ron back into the wall across the corridor from The Fat Lady's portrait.
Sirius would have said "Lady Blacks' schedule"'.
Poppy Pomfrey would have said "Miss Vanes' concoction".
Minerva McGonagall would have said "Consorts' wrath".
"lit the fuse", not "lit the fuze".
Justin would have said "Potter's child".
IMO both Cho Change and Marietta Edgecomb needs some kind of cruel punishment because they let Luna be bullied in their house.
Daphne would have said "isn't she powerful too" and "whenever she sees him".
Hermione would have said "it's intent".
"male elves"', not "male elf's".
You meant "Gryffindor tower's exterior face".
You meant "her girl's cause".
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