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for Darkness and Silence

7/20 c8 redheadedbookworm
Hi, this was very good! Thank you!
7/7 c17 Silk Voice and Curls
putting the phrase "making severus' cock twitch" almost every fucking timr is exhausting! geez
7/7 c16 Silk Voice and Curls
lol demon spawn! HAHAHA
4/26 c19 justchillnetflix
why is Dumbeldore such a conniving bitch
3/25 c31 Fairybuttmunch
I love this story, I hope it will be updated at some point. I really like Hermione wrestling with the light vs dark, really creative story.
3/9 c31 luvinseverus22
Update sooooooooon please
3/5 c31 queenhostettler
I love re reading this fic every now and again !
2/2 c31 iamahumblepeace
That was incredible. Thank you. I hope that someday you will get back to this. If you do, we’ll be there.
1/24 c31 alice094893
please update. I love this story so so so much! I beg!
12/19/2022 c31 AnotherDayAboveThisEarth
second read through. this story is fantastic. I hope you are able to finish it some day. Be well.
10/24/2022 c31 Snapefan1983
Update soon please
10/23/2022 c28 Snapefan1983
I thought it would be the other way round that the child between a lycanthrope and a muggle wouldn’t actively cause the child to be a lycanthrope but that the child between a lycanthrope and a someone magical would actively cause the child to be a lycanthrope !

The offspring of a werewolf, when conceived e, passes on the gene to allow the infection of lycanthropy more freely into the bloodline. In such instances, a bite need not even be administered in order to activate the lycanthrope gene. Much like the manifestation of accidental magic in muggleborn, half-blood, and pureblood children, half-blood lycans can exhibit the signs of the curse as early as their toddler years, causing a shift in eye colour, bouts of irrational rage, and even the full transformation if pushed to dangerous enough extremes." Hermione read aloud. "By comparison, those children conceived between one lycanthropic parent and one magical parent, are less likely to manifest the curse unless they are bitten. In such instances, the administering of powdered silver and dittany has been proven to strengthen the effects of the curse, allowing both the lycanthropic and human tendencies to war more freely within the afflicted individual. This directly opposes those werewolves who are bitten to induce the effects of the curse, but not given the powdered silver and dittany paste, who are by nature wilder and more wolfish, lacking the connection linking back to their humanity without making conscious effort to reach for it on a daily basis."
10/22/2022 c27 Snapefan1983
Wait is that when she was five years old, but her mako werewolf why hasn’t she transformed? And the werewolf licked her too which was five years old why hasn’t she transformed into a werewolf? , Wait if geayback licks her blood won’t she be part of his pack also he cut her won’t she be warewold and won’t saliva, make her into a werewolf
10/22/2022 c26 Snapefan1983
Why didn’t she ask the elves to get her things ?
10/22/2022 c23 Snapefan1983
She didn’t open any of the presents the death eaters got her isn’t that rude of her? And now she is leaving? Isn’t that rude of her?
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