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for Darkness and Silence

1h c1 FlyFreeForever
This is an awesome story!
1/12 c1 littlebird2000
i didn't stress enough though how well written this whole story is, it is evocative and imaginative the characters are fun and well developed, the complexities with which the dark characters are given humanity is commendable.
It has great rhythm and flow and all in all an excellent excellent story.
1/12 c28 littlebird2000
I'm really loving the whole story, but like Snape going down on Hermione when she was asleep and now Harry having sex with Ginny in her sleep, I'm beginning to wonder if the author knows that these acts are rape. 100% sexual assault. Anyone sleeping cannot consent. I know it's a story but it worries me that these events are supposed to be arousing.
it could easily be avoided by simply having them wake their sleeping partner up before initiating sex.
1/10 c31 SpicyCrucio
Please god I hope you finish this
12/30/2021 c31 kahvipupu
This is my favourite story, definitely! can't wait for new chapters.
12/11/2021 c31 IsaLaw-AL
it's really a very good story; thank you !
I can't wait to see what's next! - Bises
11/29/2021 c31 rowenasheir
What will Voldy do if he finds that he would be changing one pack bond for another?
11/25/2021 c31 20Alytiger
"Most of us already are. Including you." Oh my god this ripped my heart out of my chest
11/10/2021 c31 nl.albert87
whoa.. gosh im gonna re do this whole thing when its completed.. this is an all time fav
11/9/2021 c28 nl.albert87
never love fenrir till now.. brava.. this writing is cinematic and georgous
11/8/2021 c1 nl.albert87
f7ckin love this writing.. snape is awsome, Hermione is a mouthy awsome mini sev love this.. at the wedding.. loving it!
11/1/2021 c17 2LoVeShipper09
I love the way Ron is depicted and I'm absolutely dying at the banter between the characters
10/23/2021 c31 Guest
Took me a long time to notice the last update, but I've just reread all you've written so far...thank you for writing! This story is so deliciously grey and nuanced, and no matter how long it takes to finish it, I'll be here to read (And reread).

The timeline seemed a tiny bit off to me in this last chapter, as if we'd jumped back to Christmas day after having experienced a couple of days after that... but I'm honestly not fussed if you'll just please keep writing! I'm so curious to see what unfolds.

Thank you, again!
10/23/2021 c2 escarlet1
Hi, I understand what you say about the bad experiencesbut I invite you to take a look at my wattpad profile "Venus_MJ" I have multiple works of several authors from both this platform and Ao3. Hopefully someday you will change your mind.
10/3/2021 c15 Um
Sometimes I read weird crap
What am I doing with my life lol

“She was still covered in blood, but from the way he watched her so intently in the mirror, Hermione suspected Snape kind of liked that”
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