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10/22/2022 c46 DaisyDear
10/21/2022 c2 WendyMoiraAngelaDarlingDearest
what with the current political climate in the UK, I'm imaging the absolute terror of these low level ministry employees getting personally summoned to the minister for magic.
10/13/2022 c3 31SapphireKageKyuura
Omg! Ron literally took advantage of her. She wasn't even conscious for fucks sake. Why do I look at this as rape? Seeing as she wasn't even sober let alone conscious. She'll never remember what had occurred between her and Ron or even remember if Ron was there or not.
10/13/2022 c1 SapphireKageKyuura
Seriously, Hermione. You need to pull your head out of your ass - it's not a hat. Ron isn't good for you, in fact he's rather toxic. I feel like he doesn't trust Hermione to be loyal or faithful. What she talks to some guy, and suddenly he's in a jealous rage. Though I feel that eventually she'll come to realize this for herself and get out of his toxic relationship. :/
9/19/2022 c1 Guest
It's Shacklebolt!
4/30/2022 c46 dadada0203
Love it!
4/27/2022 c32 29SweetSwizzle614
My face split into the biggest grin when Charlie came in!
3/13/2022 c46 21CallaRose4ever
Loved this so much. I truly enjoyed reading it. thank you for sharing it.
11/19/2021 c46 Clark959
I wasn’t too sure if I would like the story when I started reading it. It started slow and seemed artificial but it developed and captured my interest. Good story.
11/13/2021 c32 3Hufflepuffmama824
love the talk between ron/theo/blaise...
8/16/2021 c9 alannalove1990
Draco is so stupid
8/15/2021 c8 alannalove1990
This is sooo good
8/15/2021 c7 alannalove1990
So cute
8/15/2021 c6 alannalove1990
Oh noooo
8/15/2021 c5 alannalove1990
Awwww best gay friends for the win
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