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8/15/2021 c4 alannalove1990
Aghhhhhhh so good
8/15/2021 c3 alannalove1990
Sleep sex can be so bad
8/15/2021 c2 alannalove1990
Wowwwww such a good chapter
8/15/2021 c1 alannalove1990
So good
6/9/2021 c46 marianmerza
Damn that was so busy and awesome
My heart feels so full
I love you
6/6/2021 c5 michelle.stein
Their friendship is so sweet and sincere. I love the way you built up their intimacy and shared solitude. Just beautiful.
1/15/2021 c1 scarlettangel11
Theo, highlighters, Hermione adorable!
1/9/2021 c46 DracoFan1993
Love this story!
11/17/2020 c46 4David Fishwick
excellent idea and thanks for writing this story. I liked how you wrote the relationship between Draco and Hermione
5/26/2020 c41 MotekElm
great action. I couldn't stop reading these last few chapters
5/26/2020 c25 MotekElm
I'm betting this was written. somewhere near the Southern border of the US, like Texas or NM. it has a HS Southwest vibe. does the UK have taco trucks?
5/25/2020 c16 MotekElm
sometimes this reads like this was written by someone translating a story into English. small strange grammar, and things like "courses" instead of period or cycle or monthly...
5/25/2020 c12 MotekElm
sweet. I like that Draco is trying to make up for his poor behavior and woo her
5/25/2020 c11 MotekElm
I like this fic.
I don't like Hermione's clingyness and insecurities taking over. or how she constantly returns to Draco despite him not changing. it's unusual that the war didn't change his opinions and stance on his family.
but the writing is good, so l will keep reading.
5/24/2020 c1 MotekElm
nice opening chapter
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