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3/19/2019 c30 Guest
I thought the plot itself was great but it seemed to get lost as an after thought, there was way to much attention on the relationships of absolutely everyone, the Paris bit was long an tedious along with the details of hermione's and theo's wardrobe. Hermione came across as needy and desperate, begging Draco to want her and practically begging sex of him, very ooc. I found myself skipping big bits trying to get back to the actual plot which in itself was good. These are British characters and the constant I want you, I love you, you make everything look good was unrealistic.
3/3/2019 c2 SamanthaHufflepuff
Woot! I spell my name Sami too! Lol
2/21/2019 c9 drucindastorm
merlin this is brilliant. the plot is unique the chemist is great and this book is just AMAZING
2/15/2019 c46 4Mintley8
Wow! You've left me speechless... Thank you so much x
2/10/2019 c46 3shaila22star
Oh! This story is so awesome. One of my favourite. Write more like this.. best wishes for you...
2/5/2019 c9 FriendofTrees
I'm a little confused on why Draco keeps pushing her away, but I imagine that will be explained. I really like all the characters and their interactions! It is so fun!
2/5/2019 c6 FriendofTrees
Wow, shocking reveal! I did not expect it to be Lucius! Poor Narcissa!
12/17/2018 c47 GryffindorSorted
What a lovely story. Made me laugh, cry and stay up too late reading. I love the friendships in here and the romances. Theo and Hermione are definitely friendship goals. Such a great read.
12/1/2018 c41 Hotmamantx
Omg ! This was a wonderful thrill ride of a story , I love all the extra parings . Can't wait to see what other stories you have
11/30/2018 c8 1March Of Folly
The dialogue between Draco and Hermoine in this chapter is awkward and doean't flow. Just a thought.
10/5/2018 c1 2PurplePhoenixx
your story was so well done. I enjoyed every moment reading it! thankyou for sharing it
10/4/2018 c18 yste
I love your Ginny si much x)
8/17/2018 c46 3Xluv-hogwartsX
It was amazing. I was crying for some parts, thats how amazing it was, I really only cry at fred and George x
8/5/2018 c41 3ravenrose85
7/18/2018 c46 35savedprincess85
This was brilliant! I loved it in so many ways. How Hermione interacts with Theo is probably my favorite. How Draco realized that everyone is drawn to her. It makes me happy!
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