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1/28/2020 c6 vampygurl402
Please continue
2/3/2018 c6 15sn0wy.mk21
wow that was really deep. I can see Helga having an emotional anxiety attack
1/23/2018 c6 8Whirlwind18
I’m sorry to hear you lost your passion/inspiration. I know how that feels. But I’d like to reiterate that I think this story is great, and I’d love to see you come back to it someday, if and when you have the heart for it again. Please don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love. You can’t please everyone, but you certainly have quite a few fans who would love to see this story continued.
1/21/2018 c6 Guest
Come back when your heart is in it! 3
1/20/2018 c6 Guest
I’d do it, I’d help Finish it but I suck at writing
1/20/2018 c6 Ezza
I'm glad that you want to do a justice to your characters. I'm sorry that you may have felt pressured by reviewers :(
I hope you find your inspiration.
1/21/2018 c1 3DreamBoundedStar
This is interesting so far. Funny thing is when I read the synopsis of the story I thought it was some kind of "Waitress" story, Hey Arnold style. I think it would be a good story to have an older Helga as the star (mostly because I like picturing her singing "She Used To Be Mine"). I always sort of pictured her working at Slausen's if she didn't get to go to a fancy college since she loves "ice cream" so much, but cakes are close enough

I personally love creating characters, but using familiar characters from different shows is creative as well, I guess. As long if it's not an out of place crossover, which you clearly said it isn't. I look forward to the future chapters.
1/21/2018 c6 devi2791
I'm really sad. Just in the best part, your muse has escaped. you can not imagine the emotion that sent to the mail of the update of this story. This story has fallen in love with me and I hope to hear from you soon. Beware.
1/20/2018 c6 17Relaxing Pikachu
Sucks you're taking a break, but if it's needed, you should. You shouldn't force yourself. I like the story and liked the flower set up.

Personally, I feel Helga is being extremely unfair and cruel regarding Arnold here, though. She's lashing out over things he would have no control over. He doesn't know of what's gone on with her mother and it's her fault that she didn't know he was returning. He's also not trying to pursue anything with her outside of friendship and shouldn't be demonized for that by her, imo. It's like she's ignoring that breaking up with her and choosing between her and his parents was probably tough on him too. Arnold is a bit dense here too not for it to click that the break up truly affected her. The flower thing felt very subconscious on her part and was letting her anxiety out with the flowers.

Both need to just sit down and talk. Arnold needs to be filled in on what's going on and Helga needs to cut the boy some partial slack, especially since he hadn't been around his parents for so long and probably feared losing them again. Arnold, IMO, needs to express how tough it was for him to leave her and everyone behind.
1/19/2018 c6 22Call Me Nettie
I am one of your 41 followers on this fic. I just want to let you know that I do love this story. I think the idea of Helga laying her feelings on the line through flowers is genius. Beneath the guise of flowers she's written a story of betrayal, lost love, revenge, despair and it all goes unseen by those that only see what's on the surface. Did she, somewhere deep in her subconscious know that Arnold would know these meanings what with his mother's background? Perhaps. I think that when you write, a piece of you gets put into that story and it becomes personal. Just like Helga's poems. They are a part of her. I don't know if someone else could take over this story and make it feel the same, because then it would become a part of them. Anyone of us could take your notes and rewrite it, but I doubt it'd have the same feeling. I guess what I'm trying to say is, hold off before handing the story over. Step away and give yourself some distance. Take a break and then come back to it with fresh eyes. Then, if you still feel the same as you do now, and you just can't muster up the motivation, let someone else take it. These last six chapters, to me, have been very engaging, and so what if they don't represent someone else's ideas, or if the characters veer off course a bit. This is fiction, it's a story on a website where people can put in writing their feelings and ideas, and who's to tell them their way is wrong? If you don't like it, move on and read something else. Now, if you were a contributing writer to the show and you went off character and Craig Bartlett came to you telling you your portrayal was too off base, then that'd be a different story. Anyway, having said all that, for what it's worth, this story has my support and it is my hope that someday you will get your motivation back and see it to fruition like you had planned. :)
1/12/2018 c5 Guest
I love who youve decided to add to the story! I love SU and Gravity falls!
12/31/2017 c5 Celebrity Martyr
Did you uh...
Delete Chapter Six? I swore I read it. Then I saw the update and like...
Mandela? Are you there?
12/30/2017 c5 fishmomma
Oh worm? I died lmao.. Poor Helga though! She is always so relatable.
I've laughed. I've cried. I loved.. your fic. Please write more! :)
12/30/2017 c4 fishmomma
There were a couple funny parts I loved in this chapter! I loved the fact you incorporated other characters from other tv shows. Crossovers are fun and I feel like you're able to capture their personalities and blend it in well with the story.
12/30/2017 c3 fishmomma
UH OH plot twist! I love how much work and thought you put into each chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next! Keep it up!
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