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for Danganronpa: Dusk Till Dawn (SYOC OPEN)

10/15/2017 c1 1CandiedStars
Why must you do this to meeee. You know I wanna enter this so badly aaaaaaaaa.
10/15/2017 c1 3tobi-is-an-artist-too
Hey there! Great to see you writing again! Anyway I saw this story a little earlier but didn't know what escape the night was so I binged the whole show. Which was awesome by the way I thank you for bringing it to my attention. Now back to this story which is aweome. I'll definitely be sending you a character once I finish season one lol. Which won't be long I've only got two episodes left. Haha anyway yea you can expect one from me, good luck with your story!
10/15/2017 c1 126TheRoseShadow21
Hmm, this seems really interesting, though I have to ask, how much do I need to know about Escape the Night to be able to understand this fic going forward? Or does it not matter either way? Still, I'm definitely going to send a character to this, once I figure out how to make them fit into a house that only exists in 2010 D So keep up the good work!
10/14/2017 c1 2Aaron Mercer
Name:Andrew Pierce

Height: 6"7

Weight: 290

Build:Muscular Giant

Eye Color:Gray

Hairstyle: Black fade and cut close

Scars/Tattoos: Several knife wounds spread throughout the chest and torso

Outfit: Short sleeve white button-up, plain black jacket, black dress slacks, black dress shoes with a golden pendant of yin and yang


Nationality: African American

Hometown: Washington D.C

Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Bodyguard

Health Problem:Shortsighted/ wears contacts however keeps backup glasses

Sexuality: Hetrosexual

Personality: Reserve most of the time and doesn't speaks unless spoken too. Not caring majority of the time unless extremely provoked. Socially inept.

Likes: Books, Classical/Jazz Music, Dogs, His younger sister

Dislikes: Egomaniacs, irratating people, loud people, cats and perverts

Attitude: Andrew has a calm almost poker face type attitude but is very loyal and protective to his friends and family.

Strengths: Tremendous Strength, intelligence, quick wit and loyal (if proven)

Weakness: Socially inept, Sensitive about his deceased little sister. and overprotective of his important people.

During the dinner party: Usually during social activities, Andrew is waiting aroung the outskirts of the event making sure everything goes smoothly. It's a habit to him

During investigations: Andrew is usually acting as the muscle of the investigation team and sometimes enforcer. He is quite skilled in mathematics and history and weak in science.

People who he/she get along with: Friendly people who seem honest and loyal to him and the group

People who he/she doesn't get along with: People who is only out for their own gain and willing to go thorough anyone to reach their goal

Romance: Yes. Someone who is as trustworthy and loyal to him as he is to the group but also kind.

Reaction to getting locked in: Automatically paranoid and begins looking for any and all suspicious people or items.

Reaction to voting: Becomes visually sad as his poker face begins to chip away, showing his true self.

React to being voted in: Shock and sad but keeps his emotional mask up in order to not give his "friends" satisfaction.

Reaction to winning: Sighs with his emotional mask completly intact and stares at the votes with a lack of emotion in his eyes.

React to lossing: Sighs with his emotional mask completely destroyed however refuses not to cry, he accepts his face and waits for his judgement.

Reaction to betrayal: He tries to not look at his betrayer in their disgusting eyes as his fist balls up.

IntroductionMy name is Andrew Pierce, it's a pleasure to meet you miss/mister 'insert last name herePuts out hand for hand shake*"

Agreement quoteOf course, I concurSlams his fist into his open palm*

Disagree quoteI suggest you say less or thing will end badly for youstares at him or her with a intense stare*

Give up quoteThis is a pointless waste of time, we have to get moving"

Voice tone: A moderately low voice tone.

Relationship to Protagonist: As he talks to the protaganist, Andrew begins to opening up more and learns to see him as a confidant.

Note: Has a fear of tight-spaces and a deep platonic love for his dead sister

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