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for Five Times

4/14/2018 c2 Sparxie
I'm seriously in love with this story. It's so good! I love Alex/Mark, seriously need more fics about them!
Can't wait for your next story with them (of you're planned to do one)
3/1/2018 c2 Ak
Love, love, LOVE!
3/1/2018 c2 15white collar black wolf
Liked it
12/4/2017 c1 2RenjiMichaelisMustang
Oh my, oh my! What a story! I love everything slashy, especially if it's about Alex! Please continue writing, this stuff is great!
10/28/2017 c1 Addison Karev
Very good continue
10/25/2017 c1 Zara
Nice portrayal of their relationship! You should write more about these two. I liked it a lot
10/14/2017 c1 Kay
The only thing better than George and Alex together is picturing Mark and Alex as a couple! This was a beautiful story, perfectly written and i hope you keep exploring this relationship because there are not enough Mark and Alex stories out there. I'm in love with your writing and i seriously hope you can post more stories about Alex soon :) Maybe a little angsty Alex struggling with his past and Mark comforts him? A girl can only hope!

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