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for A Fork In The Road

9/29/2020 c1 3louanne61
I love this story. Thank you for sharing it.
9/7/2019 c1 1jedigirlsc
This was great! I'm so glad you posted this entry!
6/9/2019 c1 4T Traveller
Thank you for writing such a beautiful story!
5/15/2019 c1 7Lizzie Paige
I’ve just read this one as it’s on the TFMU trivia list for this year, what a great story, I’ve really enjoyed it.
I’ll look forward to meeting you next month. :) xx
4/16/2019 c1 MereCullen
This was great! I called my kiddos parasites during pregnancy, so I got quite a chuckle from that
4/7/2019 c1 Lizzard43
Loved reading your story. It was sweet the way Edward swept Bella off her feet and didn’t back down in defending her and the baby. So sad that parents of that era didn’t support their daughters who got pregnant out of wedlock. Which is really funny/sad cuz at the time, fathers would encourage their son to have sex with as many women as possible but only marry a “pure” girl. Society was really skewed back then on how boys and girls were raised.
3/18/2019 c1 Bevey99
Nicely done. Thanks for writing.
11/6/2017 c1 11Sweetie7smiled
Neat story!
10/22/2017 c1 1Jelly and Beans
I loved it and hope you will write other stories.
10/20/2017 c1 asam75
10/20/2017 c1 ChristyWIX
This was fantastic! I loved how they had a massive connection, yet circumstances had her going home when he sill had six months left. I loved that he had Jasper searching for her and that he actually found her. I about fell over when Tanya decided she wanted Edward back when he was coming back home, pfft, bitch please. I’m glad he thwarted that immediately, at the party his mother arranged. Searching out Bella in Indy was also a risk but, boy did it pay off. She was doing the right thing by considering adoption. In those days it was very uncommon for women to go it alone, unless they were widowed. Very much enjoyed Edward’s reaction to the news. That man was over the moon elated. Making plans the very next morning with his mom, then with Bella. Loved that they moved to Seattle and how much she loved it. I really liked that Bella put Tanya in her place. She did so good in that scene. Their wedding was perfect. Their son coming out as a mini Edward put whatever small doubt anyone in his family may have had to rest. Although, I’m sure all doubts were gone once they met her. This really was quite enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us here. ~Christy
10/16/2017 c1 dpennell007
Excellent first effort. Timing is everything! Bella's parents are going to miss out big time by being so small minded.
10/16/2017 c1 fanfictionalcolic
Great story
10/16/2017 c1 creamoforeo
It's a wonderful story, thank you
10/16/2017 c1 annaharding
Lovely happy Story! Thanx for sharing!
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