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for We will stick together through thick and thin

6/21/2019 c88 casualtylover03
You should definitely continue. Maybe Ethan should go down to Manchester and see Alicia and propose to her and she accepts?
4/21/2019 c88 Guest
Thanks for updating! I absolutely love this fiction & missed it dearly.

Ideas: maybe Alicia could find out she's pregnant? Or the girls could help her get over Ethan? Or set them up again?
4/20/2019 c88 Guest
Just a thought I think something should happen to Saskia that makes Alicia re-evaluate her choices perhaps
4/19/2019 c88 Guest
Please don't let Alicia leave
3/7/2019 c87 Guest
Pls update soon! I love this soooooo much ️
2/28/2019 c87 Guest
What if Alicia's mum was cleaning (or something to that extent) and walks in on Alicia and Ethan in bed? Something for a comedic affect?
2/27/2019 c87 Guest
I like it!

Maybe do the 4 of them moving to Manchester for Alicia's new job? Then maybe Alicia could find out she's pregnant or something? Something to add drama I guess
2/24/2019 c87 Guest
I'm so glad her mum is a lot better now
2/13/2019 c86 Guest
Please don’t stop writing! Ethan could move in and it effects the girls?
2/4/2019 c86 Guest
Malia can meet a boy
2/3/2019 c86 Guest
2/1/2019 c85 Guest
Thank you (:
1/26/2019 c84 Guest
Does malia have a boyfriend?
1/28/2019 c84 XCasualtyAliciaX
Love this, glad you're still carrying it on. Maybe you can do some more of harriette? x
1/22/2019 c83 Guest
Please continue! We need amazing writers like you more than ever now Alicia has left! x
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