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5/14 c4 Demonicdueler
Interesting story so far, was really hoping for anyone but Jaune to be her partner though. Jaune is fine but everyone else would be more interesting for this fic I think. Always interesting to see Ruby as a maiden.
12/3/2020 c4 1yintheyang
seems like a nice story
4/30/2019 c4 11sondowth
Haven't many stories where Ruby is or becomes a Maiden.
4/17/2019 c4 4WaveringEyes
I really like the idea, but I don't like the part of Ruby and Jaune being partners. Jaune's character just doesn't fit with Ruby's.
1/3/2019 c4 4Zaralann
4/7/2018 c4 Mystearical
The first story I've ever seen where Weiss actually WANTS Ruby as her partner... and you squander it on the likes of Jaune. Meaning team RWBY never comes to be. Please no.
2/28/2018 c4 Guest
Love it
2/22/2018 c4 a prick
I wouldn't have reviewed normally, but I just wanted to say that I for one am perfectly fine with this. Makes it more unique, in my opinion.
2/20/2018 c4 1TheShadow977
Please tell me this won't have Lancaster in it...
2/19/2018 c4 FirePanda
Saying people are salty is wrong. I'm sure most of us that hate the change are just disappointed that Weiss ain't Ruby's partner because this is like the only story (that I read at least) that has Weiss actually wanting Ruby as a partner. The old "she's just a kid lol no gtfo" trope is common as hell. I'm sure the author has his reasons but imo it's a wasted opportunity. Also if RNJR happens Then I'll be super salty.
2/19/2018 c4 Xyz
Hehehe, nice chapter! :)
Why are so many so salty about Jaune as Ruby's partner?!

Do what you think is the best for your story.
You have already proven to be a good writer and your changes to the plot are well-written, interesting (that's rare!) and keep the readers hooked on it.
A lot of people may want the typical team RWBY/ the team they are used to, but just calling this a bad choice ("[...] kind-of a huge letdown") just because of the teams is just ... silly. (Nice formulation!)

The is absolutely NO indicator in the original that any other team combination would have screwed up the story and there are good/successful stories with different team combinations!

Ruby may be famous and very strong in this story, BUT SHE IS STILL A DIFFERENT PERSON THAN PYRRHA!
(Seriously, what's wrong with people who write such stupid stuff?! Can they only think "All champions are the same." and forget about that something called "personality"?!)
2/19/2018 c4 7slayergopher
First off let me say I'm really enjoying MaidenRuby. I saw the partner switch sort of coming with Weiss' Pyrrha comment back in limo and again here, but to Ruby this time. So it makes sense Ruby would wind up with Jaune who doesn't know her whatsoever. It *was* funny as Ruby tried wakening Jaune's Aura she forgot the words and just said "LIVE!"

My question to see will be will you have Yang be on her team or not?
2/19/2018 c4 Rivian Azure
Always nice to see a partnership mismatch
2/19/2018 c4 2KuletXCore
I agree with the two reviewers here.
the original RWBY/JNPR Team formation should be what it is.

This Maiden!Ruby story is unique, but that moment ruined it.
Still, it's interesting as shit, and Ruby just being Pyrrha2.0 isn't gonna work.

Sorry, man.
2/19/2018 c4 Tommy298
Still disappointed that ruby wasn't hidden at all
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