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2/23 c19 Guest
So, is Hermione's dress like one of those dresses with pants that Regina wore in Once Upon A Time but less evil looking?

Like this one but blue: /2MO6GbGSh
2/19 c34 Moose16364
Why did you drop this the story was amazing
1/14 c34 EvelinPetrovaDelAMor
I absolutely adore this store and have read a dozen times already. I am really hoping you update soon.
1/12 c34 1MichelleRae18
Ugh I love this story so much, I feel like ive read it a thousand times. Please please please update and finish this story. Its been WAYYYYYY too long. PLEASEEEEEEEE!
12/17/2023 c34 Julie
Hi. This is my favorite story about this crossover. I really ask the author to finish it. I'm damn curious how it's going to end. Although it's such a long break
12/5/2023 c14 Correction
Torrhen ran his mouth as his shoulder was stitched up. Eddard was healed by H.G.
12/5/2023 c11 Uhh
You killed the Mountain off in a previous chapter. Riddled with arrows or cross bolts. Pretty sure he’s not coming back from that. Don’t reset back to canon.
11/19/2023 c1 ria.kay14
Hi i miss you and your updates. Hope you’re doing well hehe pls update again huhu I luv this story soooo much
11/14/2023 c31 Difdi
What the hell are they teaching new Black Brothers? The Night’s Watch was NEVER about keeping the Wildlings north of the Wall, their duty is to keep the DEAD north of the Wall. The only reason Night’s Watch and Wildlings fight is the Wildlings keep attacking the Night’s Watch!
11/13/2023 c27 Difdi
You have an error in this chapter: The fastest raven ever recorded on Earth, one specially bred for generations for speed, the raven equivalent of Eliud Kipchoge, maxed out at 48 miles per hour. The average raven can do half that speed. King’s Landing to Winterfell is 1,460 miles.

That world record raven would take over 30 hours of nonstop flight to cover that distance, and that’s without stopping to eat or sleep. A normal raven with far less stamina, would take at least 60 hours, and more likely, about two weeks, to cover that distance.

There is NO way that Tywin Lannister was able to send a message by raven from King’s Landing to Winterfell about a mission that happened the previous night!
11/12/2023 c14 Difdi
Actually, there’s no reason Roose Bolton would assume Hermione wasn’t highborn. A Granger is a tax collector, typically a knight in a feudal government system, who collects taxes and land rents from peasant farmers on behalf of a landed lord. Not high nobility, but not smallfolk either, in Westeros terms.
9/18/2023 c26 darth-sakura
9/17/2023 c19 darth-sakura
9/16/2023 c11 darth-sakura
Their conversation was much needed and it was written so beautifully !
9/16/2023 c4 darth-sakura
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