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7/25 c27 Guest
Well... And Now?
This history is art!
6/26 c27 A
I live for your Hawk family interactions, it cracked me how concerned constantine was that he’d get beaten up by over protective hawk parentsif anything happened. I would absolutely love to see a side story where the league gets to learn just how fiercely protective and scary katar and shayera can be, also maybe more on the long term pranks they pull, and maybe a sibling for ski’lira? She has crazy big sis vibes (sorry, sorry I just love this family so much)
6/19 c27 4561394
So do Katar and Sheyera know Constantines preferred brand of cigarettes or is he just the only magic user who comes to their house who smokes

Also when Skylars back to normal she’s going to be so mad she missed out on the chance to fight a magically enhanced serial killer with a legendary sword

Good chapter
6/16 c27 ADDBaby
oH MY GOD! JOHN CONSTANTINE ON HALLOWEEN! xDDDDD I love how Skylar's parents immediately knew it was him too. XDD

I am glad that Skylar is trying to heal both physically and mentally. ;v;) sweet, sassy, brave hawkling.
I also can't lie that I am super fucking pumped for more Billy Batson, that sweet summer child. ;v;) I am really hoping for more friendship bonding with him and skylar than with team. XDDD

I hope you and yours stay safe and well, Caeci! :D
6/15 c27 1Starpottergeek
its always good to tormement consttine, keep up the good work
6/15 c27 2Shadowing
Omg yes. Love this chapter. Cant wait for next one.
6/15 c27 Featherboi
Great story!
Constantine is such a underrated and underused character, i especialy apreciate how you kept him perfectly in character, i like that about your fanfic in general! Thanks for for the shoutout by the way i am realy happy to see you liked the idea! :D

Also phill was the best, he ever returning? Guy owes me 20 dollars smh
6/14 c27 starrat
I loved it looking forward to the next chapter
6/14 c27 4Runereader of the Nightwings
I'm not going to lie... I may somehow have developed clairvoyance concerning this story alone. I literally OPENED this Fanfiction to reread around the exact moment it updated. (Literally, when I reached Chapter 3 it updated). This is the SECOND time this has happened too!

Also, a Halloween Chapter with bot Ski'Lira AND Constantine in it? You spoil us!
6/14 c26 TimberWolfIceRose
can you update another chapter this chapter was really good and i want to know how does skylar gets their trust back. And will she tell them what happen will they be sorry that they never let her explain what had happen to her.
6/4 c26 1exoplanetprincess
I adore this with all my heart!
5/31 c26 SpookyG
It has been a couple of weeks since I started the fic and I have already read it about 4 times (and side stories 3 times), I wanted to take my time thinking about the review, organize my thoughts (and my English)
First of all, I love how the inclusion of the OC feels so natural in the story, you give your own moments and still maintain the essence of the cartoon, Skylar's relationship with the team (and with the league) feels so normal that at times I forget that it is an oc
Now, talking about what was built around the hawks, the same thing happens to me, everything about their culture and customs feels so correct that I have to draw a line to remember that it is not canon, Skylar's relationship with her parents is the best dynamic of OC - parents (couple in canon) that I have seen in my life.
I'm curious about how you are going to cover skyler in the next events of the cartoon (especially the fury thing) also the Roy thing, because in the cartoon Robin, Aqualad and KF are loyal to the roy clone since they never met the original, but here you covered the relationship of roy and skylar from the beginning of Roy as speedy, thus having a bond of friendship with both, but despite the fact that she has spent more time with the clone, what you have established about the character of the thanagarians does Who wants to read how Skylar is going to react to the truth and what he is going to do to try to find the real Roy.

I hope you do not abandon this story, since it is so well written and with such good ideas about hawks (that unfortunately not much has been said in YJ) that it would really be very sad to see this fanfiction gem fall

ps: sorry if some parts do not make sense, my English is not that good and I have to organize my ideas in the translator
5/19 c7 SpookyG
No había dejado review por que
1)es el inicio del fic así que no me gusta comentar capítulos viejos
2) me daba pereza tener que traducir
Pero con la anotación que pusiste a lo último espero que me estés entendiendo este mensaje lol
Tbien espero que no abandones el fic se ve muuuuy bueno 3
5/4 c26 RiveraJ88
Great chapter can’t wait for more
5/1 c26 Featherboi
Love the story so far, im glad to see my favorite characters get some screen time, the hawks felt Especialy screwed over by the show

Out of curiosity will you make an AU where she *did* stay in kamikazi rage mode permanently, or perhaps where she lost her memories completely(well lost, more like shoved very far back) as a repercussion for what happened, i always found scenario's like that interesting as i like seeing the reactions of those around the afflicted character to what happened, and exploring stuff such as the psychological dammage such a thing can do to a person

To dark? Sorry if it was! Just thought id ask to settle my curiosity, i love the work so far and hope to see the artemis x hawkgirl thing slip into cannon soon like you said would happen in one of the side stories :D

Thanks again for posting your great work so far, cheers!
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