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8/16 c5 Webb360
I don't know if you're still using fanfiction or not, but I just want to say that was a good AN.
6/20/2019 c5 2NlaEid
Character development. Too bad readers don't seem to appreciate that.
6/20/2019 c3 NlaEid
Ah, a great story... when was this last update though?...
6/20/2019 c5 NlaEid
2017... aw too bad.
5/9/2019 c5 4KitsuneTails25
... Holy shit you're right! I had always thought he saved Manhattan only because of Dana, but you're right! Why did my brain not take note of what Alex did before he meet that girl that turned him evil when I had read the Anchor?! *screenshotting your AN for reminder*
12/12/2018 c5 Poop Scoop
This was honestly the best Prototype story I've read in a VERY long time, and I agree with (mostly) everything you said about Alex in that last note. Mostly, because, well, I do personally prefer to consider sequels canon at all times, and Part 2 Alex was psychotic in every definition. Buuuuut, I get it. This is part 1 Alex. He's a total Anti Hero in the first game, even if the "real" Alex was a dickhead.

So, I just wanted to say I hope that some day, you continue this story. I've always wanted this crossover to happen, and I love how you put it all.

PS. I'm also super p***ed off at the sheer amount of Naruto/Prototype crossovers. Both series have no chemistry. They just don't match. But everyone just makes Naruto crossovers with literally anything. There are even Splatoon/Naruto crossovers for God's sake.
11/23/2018 c5 1GenieNight08
Why didn't Alex just shapeshift into someone else so Ruby or anybody else wouldn't recognize him. His sister is in a public hospital. He wouldn't risk committing criminal activities with his face. When he can easily shapeshift and pretend to be someone else for his criminal activities.

I hate how people make Alex out to be an idiot so it can easily be revealed to the heroes that he's a villain. As if Alex lacks the brain cells to know he should shapeshift since he wants to stay out of trouble.
11/22/2018 c5 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 5
11/22/2018 c4 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 4
11/22/2018 c3 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 3
11/22/2018 c2 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 2
11/22/2018 c1 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 1
11/21/2018 c5 LandWhale172
Plz tell me this hasn't been abandoned.
8/22/2018 c1 1Snappy Flowah

6/16/2018 c5 Obsidian Prime
Sometimes you just wanna slap some hoes.
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