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for The Immortal Ninja of Norrisville High

9/14 c18 Lala Norisu
I hope he wil trust that & wow randy never mentioned his dad to Howard
8/26 c17 XLR8wuzhere
Love it so far, now Randy needs to meet Danny and bam, the secret trio have met
8/26 c17 Lala Norisu
Wow that was Awseome jake meet randy & I hope they meet again
8/6 c15 Vin
Bummer for Theresa, I really like her with Randy.
But hey, if he defeats the Sorcerer maybe he'll return a mortal and they'll be free to date.
At least I hope.
Also, I honestly expected Howard to spiffer the way to be monstrified; it's nice to see the Ninja make mistakes as well.
8/5 c16 14Sadomasochist2716
A crossover chapter, huh? How about doing what many authors of rc9gn fanfics have been doing for a long while and make a chap with either Danny Phantom or ADJL? Hey, maybe a secret trio chap!
8/4 c16 Lala Norisu
Wow that is nice of randy to take fault from heidi
7/25 c15 Jonas
Can't wait to see Randy's reaction to 7D and movies because he may not have gotten to experience them as he has been the ninja.
7/24 c15 Lala Norisu
That is cool the ninja save bucky and poor they they has cake on all them
7/6 c14 Ph0enix17
When evil spirit week happens, I can't wait what's in store.
7/2 c14 Lala Norisu
That episode was cool & also this cool chapter too
6/23 c13 Guest
Awesome, also I like the 80's name to be Ryan please.
6/18 c1 Guest
Great job!
6/18 c13 Guest
6/18 c13 1TTGG03
What about Ryan? Or Robert? Richard? Byran? Ronald? Raymond? Russell? Terry? Ricardo? Ricky? Randall? Roger? Rodney? Roberto? Ross? Ruben? Roy? Reginald?
Please let me know if I helped out with all the possible names here.
6/18 c13 Lala Norisu
Wow I hope randy Lear lesson
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