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5/20 c3 Km
I love it
please update its addicting
4/22 c4 BlackBassilsk
Depression and alcoholism is a terrible combination. Depression medicin doesn't work if it's not taken and leaving it in the closet and expect a depressed person to take it, is just naive and stupid. You need to have such person admitted into alcohol rehab and detox rehabilitering, if you are not able to help the person yourself. Well, at least if you actually care for that person. The person will hate and resent you for taking her or his free will from her/him, but if the end result is a healthy individuel, then you damn well take your chances.

Hermione is a adult and need to consent, yes but even a blind bat would could see that she needed help to break the circle. It's a evil spiral that's not easily broken. Yes, Harry deserve his own happiness, but not on the expence of Hermione's life. If he can't handle it, then he finds someone else that can. Especielly if he truly sees Hermione as his 'sister' - you don't give up on family, and that's what Harry has done. Fuck Ginny, and especielly fuck Ronald in this equation. He doesn't deserve being put first once again.

Yeah, it sounds like he have tried, but how hard did he? It's not the first time that he has decorated on the truth to his own benefit. How stupid is it even possible to be? Of course Hermione doesn't come to "family functions" - The Weasley aren't her family anymore, why should she show up at her ex-husbond parents' house and feel unwelcome? That's just unnecessary torture. Going anywhere near Ronald, who wouldn't hesitated throwing Hermione's failures in her face? Goes to show just how little Harry really understand Hermione. She barely have any support left. Her "brother" isn't a safe heaven, her work place isn't safe either and having a stalker to boot?

Harry never thought to question why she keeps moving? He thought that she did it for what.. Fun? So no, Harry deserved that slap and more.
3/28 c12 7ghanima77
Oh, I feel like those eyes following her may not be Antonin's. What a sad state of affairs when he's the safer option. Thanks for the update! Great chapter!
3/18 c12 BurntMarshmallow
It’s way passed my bedtime but I had to finish reading this!
3/12 c12 Millenarie de la mort
please, continue
3/9 c12 Guest
Another enthralling chapter..I like this Hermione, I actually think I prefer her this way, Harry needs to learn that he wasn't a good a friend as he thinks he was or is! Dolohov is by far the most complex character...ummm I look forward to their next encounter.
3/9 c12 3tsuki-shiroi
Harry is a really, really bad friend, didn't he?
3/5 c12 Lovinlife12346
this story is great
2/23 c12 sandwichesboi
God, she’s insane. Kinda reminds me of the dynamic in killing eve. But I love it nonetheless. I just know that when you finish this…it’s gonna be a whopper. Possibly your best fic yet.
2/22 c12 1D J Killalitez
loved this so much ! x
2/22 c12 Alumys
This is such a messed up story yet so beautifully executed is incredible, I think raw is another way of describing it human nature at its lowest, people who are nut just black and white that are not having a set goals of fighting the bad guy and that will fix the world and after everything will be sunshine and rainbows, reminds me of the characters in A song of ice and fire.
2/18 c12 2acetwolf94
2/17 c12 Xhex1
I love this story. It's an original take on this relationship
2/15 c12 Guest
Love this fic. Can’t wait to see who the bad bad guy is. Lol figuring the first bad guy is Antonin. But I guess really he’s a good guy? But things usually aren’t so cut and dry. He’s a good guy disguised as a bad guy wanting to be a good guy, but nurtured into being a bad guy. Hahahaha Anyway thanks for the update
2/9 c12 AnnoyingGrizzly
Great ! :D
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