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6/6 c9 cypherfilms
oh god this is so good? cant wait for the next update!
5/26 c9 viola1701e
loving this story!
5/25 c9 1HeartOfStars
You are an expert at making me emotionally torn about how I feel about characters. A good thing. How many stories am I reading along anticipating the next chapter. What next, what next?
5/7 c9 1LadyNorth76
Please update soon!
4/5 c9 4Ravyn Moon 1313
oh my godric ... just read every single chapter... this is such a brillianr story. I was litterally on the edge of my seat the entire time
3/24 c9 lianablack
Pls continue this
2/28 c9 ksouza3
Not only do I love your stories, but your Author's Notes are always a joy to read. Can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks for writing!
2/23 c9 Neekah
*looking around the room for Kitten*
*checks behind the couch to be sure*
*checks pocket to be extra sure*
Where is the next chapter?!
2/8 c9 salamasina
Honestly, if I had to be left on a cliffhanger til the next chapter, this wasn’t a bad one to end on lol I love them together... I always think Im only going to be loyal to one pairing and then you go and write a new one and there I go swept up in a new infatuation lol At this point I just want Hermione paired with all the former death eaters lol Im so glad I joined DEE.. the stories I discovered on there have been a welcome distraction from many stress inducing situations and other unmentionable life obstacles. Thank you for writing! You’re so talented! & now that I’ve got a bit of a break I’ll definitely be checking out your original work! (:
2/8 c8 salamasina
lol I like Dolohovs mom bc shes amusing (still terribly prejudice but funny all the same) I’m living for this story! All your stories are sooo addicting! Can’t wait to binge the latest chapter (but still debating whether I want to wait til more come out ... ) nope, can’t do it lol

Off to binge to my hearts content lol!
2/8 c7 salamasina
Ch. 7 Review:

It’s so cute how worried he is about her meeting his mother lol even though I know she has blood prejudice I’d still like to think Hermione might be able to win her over with her steadfast will, and incomparable intelligence. I’m sad that I’ve almost reached the most recent update :( But still excited to get onto the next chapter lol
2/8 c6 salamasina
Ohhhh she’s gonna meet Mama Dolohov! I couldn’t stop laughing when the realtor told her that Harry had been pelted with Owl pellets lol Excited to read the next chapter!
2/8 c5 salamasina
Ch 5 Review:

I love that were getting a chance to learn more about Dolohov! The fact that he pointed out Rons inability to hold a prolonged intellectual conversation with her without getting bored and changing the subject was spot on lol I still can’t believe that pairing was cannon -.- I loved it when he pointed out that he could spend hours talking about her favorite subjects and teaching her magic that her ex couldn’t even fathom. Excited for the next chapter!
2/8 c4 salamasina
Ch. 4 Review:

This chapter has me so conflicted! While I do believe there’s a point in every friendship/relationship where you can’t be responsible for someone who doesn’t want/accept your help... I also understand Hermione's insistence that there might have been something else they could have done to help her. But also.. was Dolohov lying about taking her home if Harry was doing that (or was it Harry lying?!) idk but I’m glad we got a Harry/Hermione interaction without Ginny’s annoying interjections. Also I’m getting a little bit of a Stockholm syndrome vibe from Hermione.. but also I’d like to think that there might be a little “dark” in her that’s responding to Dolohov. Maybe it’s freeing not to have to always be on a pedestal as the “brightest witch of her age” & exciting to tap into another part of her.. anywho excited to read the next chapter lol
2/8 c3 salamasina
Wow.. this was A LOT to process.. I can understand their annoyance with Hermione but damn Ginny really knows how to get on my nerves lol I just wanted her to leave the room so Harry & Hermione could talk. *sigh... I feel for Hermione. & fxcking PANSY! That bxtch -.- .. anywho.. excited to start the next chapter lol
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