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for I Dropped It

12/19/2017 c1 69cmr2014
I wish instead of going right into Infinity War, they would do a Nomad movie. Maybe he'll be in Black Panther, but I just feel Nomad is such a thing with Steve that it really deserves its own movie. It's such a weighty thing. Even though in the comics it was a short run, it's still emotionally heavy. What good does it do to follow the flag when the flag follows the dollar? How do you trust your leaders when it turns out they don't care about you, when you're nothing more than resources to them? (Think of the scene in Braveheart where people were ready to leave the battlefield and the leaders pleaded with them to stay, only because if they left the leaders had no display of force to bargain with. It's right before Wallace's speech about they can take our lives but they will never take OUR COFFEE! Er, freedom.) The issues now are much the same, as they seem to always have been. Particularly in Civil War, USG (United States Government) wants the Avengers their thumb, but everyone under USG's thumb has a way of winding up serving American interests. That's not what the Avengers were founded for. Who watches the watchers?

Between your allegiance to a friend and your allegiance to...an oath, an ideal, everything Captain America represents...which prevails?
Maybe we never know until we're forced to make the choice.

Thanks for putting Peggy with Sousa. In an environment of blowhards, he was the only one aside from her who had simply done his duty and paid the price and just accepted that.

It doesn't stop. That's what life is. One thing after another. It doesn't stop until you die. There's no limit to what life will throw at you.

Everyone else is selfish. Why not you? Why not me? What's so wrong with wanting to not hurt?

"And I can never fix that."
True. But you have to find a way to live with it. Like you dropped the shield, you have to find a way to drop it. That kind of weight will crush you if you try to carry it.

"The world has no real place for me anymore."
Don't think it ever had one for me to start.

It's kind of a curse for him. When I am finally somewhere else, I like to think it will be a blessing.
11/11/2017 c1 1078belles
Awww... my word. Steve. Go have a beer with Sam. Do it. You need a HUG. I think everyone needs to appreciate that Steve Rogers is a human being and not a god.

This could be a great prompt to something bigger.

10/18/2017 c1 46The Urban Spaceman
I'm glad Peggy and Daniel end up together in this fic... they definitely deserve all the happiness in the world. But poor Steve! So much regret and self-loathing (I won't say self-pity, because it's not his style). You've definitely captured his inner turmoil in a heart-wrenching way. And the repetition of "I dropped it" really drives the point home, providing something like a heartbeat for the story.

Good job!
10/18/2017 c1 242NotMarge
What is this? I’ll tell you what this is! This is you ripping my heart out and stomping on it and then putting back together again with relief from Steve carrying all that weight ductape!

Great job!

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