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3/4 c56 LLD
This fic is GOLD. I'm so happy I stumbled across it because your writing is incredible. I'm floored by the level of detail you've put in, particularly with their route. I've never been down south so I don't know if it's accurate, but it SOUNDS so accurate. I really believe, when you write the four survivors, that they know their route, what they're doing (to a logical and natural degree). Your writing is an excellent example of "show, don't tell."

Your characterizations are phenomenal. As I read your words, though the story is focused on Ellis and Nick, I truly believe each character is three dimensional, with good and not-so-good qualities, with a story of their own. Their personalities are proof of how believable it would be for them to reveal themselves (e.g. Ellis is friendly, therefore forthcoming with history; Rochelle is easy-going, not as extroverted as Ellis but still friendly; Coach is strong but stubborn, plays his cards close to his chest much as a strategist would since he is a football coach; Nick not really open at all unless he trusts them or only gives little nuggets). Your understanding of these characters and situation is exceptional.

And don't even get me started on pacing. Each chapter is the perfect length. It somehow strikes the perfect balance between a lot of detail, but never tiring to read about. The story isn't rushed, but never does it feel like it drags along. I've barreled through your story in a day, up to chapter 56, and never got tired of it. You've done this wonderful thing where I, as a reader, trust you to lead the story. Never have I ever read one of your chapters and felt nervous about something bad happening (not in terms of plot, but rather I trust you to tell the story and not put something out-of-character or illogical in it).

You are a fantastic writer. I'm really looking forward to reading more.

Would you also happen to have an Archive of Our Own account? I feel really lucky to have found this because I don't actually frequent . if not, that's totally cool, just thought I'd ask because I'd love to follow and subscribe to this story there.

But yeah. Excellent story, writing, all of it. Thank you SO much for writing this!
7/17/2020 c49 8Kanffi-Mor
Now wait, awww, I really loved this !
7/12/2020 c1 Kanffi-Mor
Realmente ame esto ️ Sin duda de ellos siempre he pensando como buenos amigos, Nick siendo duro con el ya que teme que el positivismo de Ellis acabe en mal para él mismo, pero a su manera encuentran cierta conexión en los momentos de calma, donde no tiene que preocuparse por que se distraigan en sus historias. Y Ellis claro que mientras más reacio se ponga Nick hasta más le busca para saber de él y demás xD ️. Seguiré leyendo, pero sin duda alguna me has atrapado con este solo capitulo.
3/2/2019 c28 4PsychopathicAngel2
Oh wow i really like this fic. I love how u r portraying the characters, while keeping em close to cannon. You are also using some of their in game dialogue which is awesome! Hope tobread more soon!
6/25/2018 c23 1Lord Grise
Good read. Looking forward to the next chapter. ::grin:: maybe they'll find a '60...
12/27/2017 c11 10Kitsui
Hello! I read your work many years ago, but I never managed to find some of the late chapters. Now, thanks to you reuploading it, I got the chance to enjoy this gem again and maybe experience some parts of the story I never got to read. I really thank you for giving me the chance to find out more about this story, you have no idea what a surprise it was. Hope you are well, and I wish you a happy new year, hugs from an old fan, sorry for any mistakes on my english : ).
10/18/2017 c1 Old Fan
I remember reading this way back in 2010/2011 and having the feeling to read it a couple years ago only to not find it. So I came here to follow you to see if it would eventually be posted, and here I am completely thrown off by the sudden post, but thrilled. This was the first big fic for me. The first one that had me so deeply emotionally invested, and now I get to relive that experience. Thank you so much for posting it again. It has been so long that it'll probably be a new experience, but still a nostalgic one.

It's probably a miracle that you only posted one chapter for now or else I'd be in trouble reading this too late into the night when I have a eight am lecture!
10/20/2017 c1 3Tetractys
Short and sweet, a nice chat - really brings out their humanity.

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