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11/19/2017 c2 Martyn
Please update.
10/31/2017 c2 3Eon The Zoroark
Males no sense to make a non-SYOC version along with an SYOC version. That's double the work for you, and we all know how laborous it is to write fanfics.
10/27/2017 c2 Gadget The Critic
...i have no idea why you'd make a version with other people's OC's and then make another with your own OCs.
It's like cancelling this fic and replacing it with a non OC version.
I don't mean any insults here, you probably want to start it quickly without the large wait, but still, it seems a bit silly.
10/18/2017 c1 Phoenyxs
Zemrick Amari

Age 22


Aparence-Slim and tall, roughly around 6 feet tall. Has hazel eyes and jet black hair, always combed back. Paler than the average person.

Clothing-Wears a black suit with a purple vest and tie, black pants and shoes. Often has a shadow tag in his shirt pocket.

Very dismissive towards other people. Tends to bond better with Pokemon, because of this, people see him as stand alonish. Cares more for Pokemon than people.

Relationships with Pokemon-He lives alone with other Pokemon, both caught and wild. He cares for them as if they were his own family. He takes pride in his ghost Pokemon as they have been with him for most of his life.

Backstory-Born from a rich family, he never shared the same beliefs that his parents tried to force on him. At the age of 10, he smuggled in a sick Litwick. He cared for him for the next two years before his parents found out. Instead of abandoning him, they both ran away. Over the next years, he learned how to take care of sick and injured Pokemon and now he spends his days as a Pokemon caretaker.

Wish-His wish is to create the biggest Pokemon care taking facility in the world.
10/18/2017 c1 Darth Eevee
Name: Sylvia Arcadius

Age: 18

Pokémon Type: Ice

Pokémon: Froslass (obviously female)

Appearance: Thin body of average height and proportions with long dark blue hair that reaches to her lower back and piercing blue eyes. Her slightly tanned complexion heralds her outdoorsy nature.

Clothing: Black cargo pants with a dark blue tee and black sneakers. A necklace hangs from her neck with a nevermeltice shaped like a crescent moon dangling from it

Personality: Sylvia is clever and quick-witted, she enjoys manipulating people but does it because it is fun to her rather than it being out of malicious intent. Mischievous.

Relationship with Pokémon: Sylvia and Froslass are best friends. They play pranks on people together, manipulate others together, and travel around the cold places of the world together.

Backstory: Born and raised in the snowy region of Sinnoh, Sylvia spent most of her free time hiking and partaking in other outdoors activities. On one such occasion she got trapped in a blizzard and would have died if a froslass had not guided her to a cave to hold out the storm. They bonded through the night and when Sylvia left, the froslass refused to leave her side.

Wish: To have fun in the competition. Oh and to go on a date with Sinnoh Champion Cynthia. Sylvia is really infatuated with her.
10/18/2017 c1 Ol'3lueEyes
Name: Ethan Psych

Age: 14

Pokémon Type: Psychic

Pokémon: Shiny male espeon

Appearance: Tall slim body, skinny legs, long arms, small hands and feet, medium smooth brown hair, blue eyes, pointed ears (like a cat. I'll explain in origin.) Forked tail, blue eyes, pointed nose, pale skin.

Clothing: black kakis, tan sperrys, black vest, long sleeve button up purple undershirt, pocket watch

Personality: Smart, crafty, cunning, nice to Pokémon, has trouble making friends, shy, a little nerdy, has trouble trusting people, a little gluttonous

Relationship with Pokémon: Espeon sees Ethan as a worthy trainer, but that doesn't mean he won't listen to him outside of battling.

Backstory: Ethan isn't what you'd call human. He's more of a Pokémon human who can communicate with any Pokémon after the experiments his father did on him that Ethan can't even remember all but one experiment, where his father fused his DNA with his espeon's. Ethan one day ran away, vowing revenge on the humans that cast him aside. He once read somewhere that there's a competition going on. If he wins, he'll get the one thing he's always wanted.

Wish: Revenge. Or a spot on the Elite Four. He's sure that one day his father will want to battle him. You choose!

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