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for Shawn Walks Into a Bank

10/12 c8 Guest Bean

I’m aware this story is a couple years old now but I thoroughly enjoyed it and just wanted to say so! You’re a brilliant writer! I love how in-character everyone was, Aaron was a gem, and I’m a sucker for Shawn whump.

Is it strange I liked to imagine a younger Steve Franks as Aaron sometimes? Hm...

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe!
8/31 c1 Writeratheart92
Love it so far!
6/28 c8 40smuffly
I loved this story! A totally satisfying companion to the episode that inspired it. The whole thing was very exciting and Aaron was extremely likeable. Your handling of Shawn throughout felt totally in character. But my favourite part was actually the exchange between Shawn and Lassie on the rooftop. Simple, effective and so very moving.
6/22 c8 G-Sky Psycho
GREAT JOB! I loved it!
6/22 c6 G-Sky
I am Craghing (Cry-Laughing). This story is so beautiful!
4/20 c8 6Chef 101
Awesome story!
11/3/2019 c8 Guest
This was soooooo good! Amazing
4/3/2019 c8 146Emachinescat

I am meant to be grading papers right now, but instead, I DEVOURED this story, barely even surfacing to breathe.

This was perfect, beautiful, in character... the scene with all the people in the waiting room...

You embodied a side of Shawn that I really wish we'd gotten more of in the show.

I really don't have the words to explain how much I loved this. It touched me. Thank you!

~Emachinescat ..
12/16/2018 c1 FearlessShawn
Love this so much! Awesome job with the Shawn whump! Great over all story and love the ofc too!
9/8/2018 c8 FlowersBite
Wonderful story, Spencer was a true hero.
8/3/2018 c8 Guest
Bravo! Loved this story, great job on the character development and I love the sweet scene with the kid who called him Superman, also good to see Henry actually tell Shawn how he feels. I also think that was the perfect place to end. Look forward to the next one :)

6/8/2018 c8 10Koohii Kappu
Okay, the last chapter is over, I can finally stop crying now - HA! As if! XDD This last chapter sweet and adorable and it fulfilled my every wish for the best ending ever, they're joking, they're themselves, and that last line tho:

"No, he might never get Shawn to walk into a bank again, or the right one anyway, but he got something better. This."

It's not like I needed my heart today anyway *shrugs*
I can't even tell you how much I loved this~ You are amazing and your fic is amazing and I haven't felt this way about a story in a long time. Thank you for this. Really.

~Koohii Kappu
6/8/2018 c7 Koohii Kappu
Again! you. are. BRILLIANT. XD
All of these thoughts and feelings that Shawn has *killed* me! You played them all out so well, and even tied it into the show with Yin, and it was flippin' amazing~ And Lassie coming up to talk to him - auhhhhhhgggg yup 'cause my heart needed that uhhhhhh I don't even know how to speak English now

And then Shawn - "You have a son?" Bahahahaha! I'm dying on the floor XDD

Seriously, this is perfect though
6/7/2018 c6 Koohii Kappu
Okay can I just say the way you tied the ending to the beginning with the flashback and the "hodge-podge" situation was BRILLIANT. The story of how they became friends almost broke my heart in the context you used it in and OMG I just love it so much! I want to sit and explain to you every little detail that makes this so amazing, but for some reason, I just *can't*. I don't KNOW why it's so amazing. Everything is so clear and sharp in my head even when you don't use that much detail. All of this is HAPPENING in my brain! Your inner monologue is so amazing!


"Are you friends with Superman?" That line made me make an actual noise in my throat XD I can't evennnnnnn
6/7/2018 c4 Koohii Kappu
(I accidentally posted the review button before I was ready. But anyways I love it and I love you and I can't wait to read the rest ASAP Happy writing!)
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