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for Koudelka: Two Worlds Alike

12/8/2005 c1 asga
yay such a baeutiful writing ^^ oh btw u should play shadow heart there you mer koudelka again and


she has a child named Harley with Edward ^^ he he
11/11/2004 c1 25CuddlyChristina
Such a sweet story between Koudelka and Edward. Oh, and Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 are currently up, so can you please review? Anyways, I'm looking forward to chapter 33 of A Killer's Seduction.

Peace Out! With Love, CuddlyChristina2004
2/27/2004 c1 Sheila
Nice fic you have going here ^.^ Don't get mad at me for saying this but... I HATE THE SUN SHANG XIANG AND LIU BEI COUPLING! I know she is married to him and all but I personally like the Lu Xun and SSX pairing better, ^_^0 sorry.
11/12/2003 c1 Nothinghere11111
I really liked Koudelka, except for those annoyingly slow battles. You have an excellent writing style and wish if you would write more in the RPG field, anyway I hope that there's a sequel on the way.
6/16/2003 c1 The Ruloi Collective
I enjoyed your fanfic. You have an excellent grasp of grammar, and your word choice is generally good (though I noticed you slipped up a few times, like with "epiphany" where the word "epitome" would've worked better). However, there are a few things that I must nitpick.

First off, you're under the assumption that Koudelka's role in the goings-on of the monastery occurred in a matter of weeks, when in actuality, it occured in a single day. A single night, actually. That's why Koudelka, Edward, and James never got all buddy-buddy; they knew each other for about twelve hours and that was that.

Secondly, your characterization is sob-worthy. I understand that they're both supposed to be inebriated, but they did not talk like they were under the influence of alcohol in the slightest. You made Koudelka into a 'pity-me' drunk, when she's really more of the 'I'm-sobbing-but-I'm-angry' drunk. Edward, who's not really drunk in the original scene at all, realizes that there's honestly no way to comfort Koudelka when she was like that that she either wouldn't forget or wouldn't reject outright, which is mainly why he didn't try to do a whole lot about it. Even when she's drunk, Koudelka still maintains her untouchable, unapproachable personality, which you didn't quite succeed in capturing. And Edward, nice as he is, probably wouldn't offer her a place to stay after knowing her for about eight, nine hours at the most (though that stemmed more from you thinking that this took place several weeks after it started).

All in all, though, a good tribute to a terribly underrated game.
6/14/2003 c1 1Crystal Rose 21
Ah, a Koudelka fic...don't see a lot of those. I like it - the detail and the Koudelka/Edaward pairing. Good job!
5/8/2003 c1 1Skull Xero
Come on Tiger, when are you going to write more Shadow Hearts or Koudelka fic? I want more of them, really!

Where do you get the game Koudelka anyway, I checked my local game shop but they don't have it. I'm depressed now...

Anyway, like someone said before, knowing from Shadow Hearts that Koudelka and Edward got togather is enough for me. Really love your fic and can't wait till your next Shadow Hearts or Koudelka fic!
3/25/2003 c1 3Phoenix18
Damn good, once again - not that i was expecting anything else ^_^ Detail is amazing, and the emotion really vibrant. I'd say 'Keep it up' but having seen your track record i know u will, so there's little point :p (I hope i don't seem like i'm sucking up or anything tho!)
3/22/2003 c1 55Person With Many Aliases

well, i never played that game, living near the edge of the world does cause some disadvantages when you want something, I can't even order things here (^&*%&%(^ . .. .

nice fic, i hope too see more of your works
3/17/2003 c1 Ramza Lionheart
Knowing that they've gotten together and had Halley is good enough for me. I hated Koudelka at first. She was such a bi*...but it hid underneath it, a scared and frightened little girl.

A shorter one shot fic from your usual productions. but it was a very nice 'snack'.
3/15/2003 c1 Amail
Good story. And, Koudelka and Edward have more happen between them. If you play Shadow Hearts for Playstation 2 you meet Koudelka and get more info on her and Edward's life.
3/15/2003 c1 13Aberlemno
OOh, me likes!

(Though I was also quite happy with the lack of romance in the game itself, most RPGs give out a vague air of "if-you-don't-fall-in-love-and-live-happily-ever-after-you-might-as-well-not-have-bothered". . . Ah, whatever, I just hadn't seen a game where there wasn't massive overload of soppiness before. Though Final Fantasy 7 is being debated over in my head cos I can't remember how much soppiness went on between Cloud and Tifa at the end. . . This reveiw is really not meant to be about the conversations in my head. ^^;;) As I intended to say...I love this fic, Koudelka didn't have enough fanfics or attention and now it's all sprining up. (I say all springing up. We have this fic, two mostly-SH-but-also-kinda-Koudy websites (one of which is mine, other one of which will be featuring my Koudy ficcy *cheers* *plugs shamelessly* That site would be http:/w.kiseki.us/shuuka if I remember rightly. Have you ever read any of ExDreamer's stuff on this site? It's his website)

Can't I even stay on topic for even ONE SENTENCE? *bangs head off monitor*

Ya. I loved that scene. I generally do when chaacters have an argument. (Though I could have a ramble about why I don't quite love that scene so much any more but hell, it's bad enough me rambling about fansites, let alone my personal life...) You've used some really great language in this chapter.

And I think us Koudy fans have no choice BUT to love the Koudy and Edward pairing...What is the alternative? Koudy/James or Edward/James, and that's only the non-necrophiliac version, EW. I am not a fan of James. *kicks James* Damn bigot! That's the thing when you have more dead characters than live ones. Actually, did they? What do Ogden and Bessy count as? *counts on fingers* I'll get back to you on that one. If you care. (Mental note: No alcohol. No caffeine. No sugar. EVER AGAIN.) I promise to shut the hell up now.
3/14/2003 c1 Nat
Dedicated to me? *blush* AW.

Okay, about the fic... I haven't gotten this far yet-I have a crappy sense of direction, and keep getting lost. However, being an Edelka fan from the second I heard who was who, I liked the interplay between these two. Coupla usage things in here (weary should be wary, and you elicit a response from someone else, not give it to another), but I liked how you brought their individual pigheadednesses to bear in this delightful vignette! Five stars!

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