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for A Mewtiful Brockton Bay

6/27 c2 BigRig2.0
5/24 c9 24Stainless Steel Fox
Fun story so far.
5/22 c19 Monitor2o3
Very interesting story :-)
4/20 c9 snow in the darkness
seriously. I mean this unknown girl suddenly come to your house and you just believed her like she was your soulmate. Let me confirm Tattletale is Thinker not a Master or Stranger
3/24 c19 Kraizy
First step to feeling not helpless? Get rid of those that made you feel helpless in the first place. Revenge yo!
2/20 c17 Spellflame
Espion because Tattletale pretends to be psychic
2/17 c3 10feauxen
Trump actually means someone who can effect powers themselves, and is used to refer to ‘grab bag’ capes with multiple powers since they can, arguably, effect their own powers to use powers from multiple rating categories. Basically, if you’re giving someone a rating in 3 different categories, they’re a grab-bag Trump and specific powers are footnotes in the rating file. Trump means ‘expect everything because then you won’t be surprised.’

Do keep in mind that this power system is designed to help non-powered military units respond quickly and effectively. If they have time, they go into more detail than the category and power level, but if they don’t then they don’t have time to list 6 categories for one cape. So that cape is a Trump.
1/18 c19 TheLostArchivist
I'm guessing that this might be dead, which is a shame because I really enjoyed it.
Definitely a funny read.
6/23/2020 c18 13yukicrewger2
How did Sophia end up in the reverse world?
6/23/2020 c3 yukicrewger2
I love how Pie is listed like its a pokemon attack
6/13/2020 c7 dantezess
Oh, well this just killed my interest, there is literally no way to tell anyone that you're "on a mission from god" without them assuming you're delusional/insane in some fashion. The fact that MM basically goes "sure I believe it" without any proof is frustrating.
1/4/2020 c19 OmegaUltima
Oh no, the strain of keeping things brief was too much! They're gone!

Sad that this seems to have died without a word; oh well...
12/28/2019 c19 Ribbitfroggy
While I like the story to a degree, and I like the ideas of it, there are several issues, and the story seems to be dead now. Those issues are mainly with the mess that is the pacing of the story. The large number of Omake, the many shifts in perspective, and things suddenly getting thrown in out of nowhere really mess up the way it plays out. Sophia suddenly getting dark type abilities and being strong enough to be more than a minor irritant to a mew? That was completely out of left field, and makes zero sense. Even getting Pokémon moves shouldn’t let someone like Shadow Stalker be able to take on a Legendary.
9/19/2019 c3 eacox1787
This was an exciting chapter, but why was H.P. Lovecraft referred to as an Earth Aleph author even though he lived long before Earth Bet's timeline diverged from ours?
9/4/2019 c19 1Nathen The Protector
This probably isn't the best chapter to ask this on, but would it be possible for Taylor to turn Noelle/Echidna into a ditto?
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