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for The Nightmare Before Hogwarts

9/23 c22 1buterflypuss
good chap
9/23 c22 4candinaru25
oh man i remember that movie. And yea that tree is a prefect for a treehouse.
9/23 c22 3Caelus06
always great to read a new chapter of this story.
9/23 c22 13Kaybugg1
What a mega cool chapter!

I so can't wait to read more!
9/23 c22 Nicholas
Awesome a tree house i love tree houses, i was hoping to see krampus but if your saving him for Christmas all the better i hope we see the others from ghoul school soon.
9/23 c22 MalicoJack
It's great to see this fic updated. Thank you for your time and please keep writing.
9/23 c22 13foxchick1
Loving this fic, and glad to see more from this story,
9/23 c22 bombbastik
Thanks for the chapter. I loved it!
9/23 c22 10Plumalchemyst
Yes I love it
9/23 c22 3mongodatroll
Thanks for the new chapter! This one is kinda on my "Cute and largely harmless" list. It's always nice to see an update.
9/23 c22 Lani
I’ve missed this story. Welcome back and I’m excited for future updates.
9/23 c22 LostPrimarch
So … if the Headless Horseman likes to ride around with a flaming pumpkin once a year, does that make him the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown and Snoopy?
9/23 c22 scl04
Well this was a pleaseant surprise, I didn't expect to see an update of this story anymore but I'm SO glad to see this back! :D

I'm quite intrigued about what would be Petunia's reaction at seeing her sister as a ghost/espectre or whathever she is now, as well as the conversation that they would have...perhaps that will happen after James has enough fun with them or Krampus makes an apparition on Christmas.

And then the latest part with Harry, Winnie and Sirius looking for a tree to build a tree-house with the rest later after seeing Lock, Shock and Barrel's one (I wonder if those three will appear again at some point) was fun to read, as well as the exploration of the world of Halloween and other residents such as Dante the scarecrow and the headless horseman.

So yeah I really enjoyed this chapter and I'll be waiting for more, hopefully it doesn't take so long but just update it when you can of course. Thanks for all your hard work! ;D

P.S: I wonder what is the deal with Dumbledore with all of what is happening by the way, I mean by this point he should know that Harry is no longer with the Dursleys so is he like ordering people to go look for him or something?...I guess that I'll have to wait to find out (at least if this story isn't abandoned before that, I hope that doesn't happen :S).
9/23 c22 9time-twilight
Great chapter. Its been that long since you posted the last chapter, so I can't remember if you showed the wizarding world reaction to Sirius escaping prison and Harry going missing, if you haven't done it are you going to show the wizarding world.
Maybe you could do Harry's Animagus form as a wolf because wolves traits are caring, playful, and above all devoted to family which sounds like Harry. Also the Wolf Spirit Animal/totem symbolizes Strong connection with your instincts or intuition, High intelligence, Deep desire for freedom, Loyalty and communication. Plz update soon.
9/23 c22 holyscythe
this chapter was nice thank you for making it.
im looking forward to more adventures that harry will have and i wonder how fast is he gonna grow up
is this story gonna go slow or are the years gonna go by fast and he become 11 and start school.
sorry for this grammar and sentence im not so good with writing reviews there always so fragmented.
from an old fan.
have a nice day.
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