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for Love Between Royals

10/28/2017 c3 dihan
the dragons mate is a very common idea...I hope you have some other new ideas...the chapter was good, you should show some flashbacks cause mating in 3rd chapter seemed sudden
10/25/2017 c2 Guest
This is good keep it up and going
10/26/2017 c3 3Natsu vi Kurosaki
Nah bro don't worry about the length it was perfect
10/26/2017 c3 6Draconic king
Just imagining the masters face when he discovers one of his "children" is the future king makes me laugh
10/24/2017 c2 Guest
10/25/2017 c3 TheLaughingStalk
My guy... 3k words per chapter is what most writers (here) strive for when they want a balance between length and quality.
Nice job, the length was satisfactory and the word choice was great. I hope to see more in the future
10/23/2017 c2 Zapster45
you are doing pretty good can't wait for the next chapter
10/23/2017 c2 TheLaughingStalk
Very nice, I like how convenient the whole ordeal with "your highness" was.
10/23/2017 c2 Draconic king
Yay :D
10/20/2017 c1 dragon god
10/21/2017 c1 3Natsu vi Kurosaki
By the Alvarez Arc ended I'm sure Natsu was stronger than Gildarts. Also Natsu has the title of Dragon King cuz of his victory over Acnologia
10/21/2017 c1 TheLaughingStalk
It's going well, but something that I'm beginning to see is that Natsu is being high balled a lot. I know the purpose is to give some background and explain what is different about him from canon, but you can do this in many other ways. Rather than telling others directly it would be better if he proved he was the way that you say. The way that you wrote it indicates that everyone had this idea of him as how he was in canon, but your suddenly saying that he is different over night. The story isn't bad, but just keep in mind that you shouldn't jerk him off every chance you get. I look forward to what you plan on doing later.
10/21/2017 c1 dihan
it was cool...how many chapter will it have? it seemed like it'll be over in just a few chapter
10/21/2017 c1 80reinDank
Good one
10/20/2017 c1 1Hell Dragon Slayer
A little rushed I think, but I liked the idea of the fic. And there aren’t many grammar mistakes, so I am looking for more of it hehe
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