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for Blood and Waters

8/11/2019 c15 Julietterose4901
8/3/2019 c23 15Raiyah 27516
Great chapter, poor Jon he is too good for his sake.
I just have a question, what happened to Jon's dragon? Was she with him or what?
8/2/2019 c23 1lolistarkiller
Wow! Love this! Dany was being a bitch and got her just deserts!
7/31/2019 c23 Wright
Good riddance to Dany. How dare she harm Jon. I hope his injuries heal quickly. Poor Jon. He's such a good person.
7/30/2019 c23 Guest
Holy shit this was intense! Greatbas always!
7/30/2019 c23 TMK06
So was the vision what actually happened or just a possibility? I'm ok with both, of course, since Dany really should not have burned Jon! No matter what she had been through. Anyway, I'm expecting Jon to make a full recovery (within reason, unless, of course, Arya finds a new way to wield her armour) and I'm expecting Arya to find a way to carry on the good work that Dany started between bouts of insanity (freeing the slaves etc) - I mean if this vision was what really happened. If not, then she still needs to deal with Dany - with serious prejudice - but make sure the good things still happen.
Good chapter, thank you. I'm glad you didn't keep us hanging any longer ;) Update as soon as you can, please.
7/30/2019 c23 Simianpower
Huh. I say, huh! Didn't see that one coming. Technically the Valyrians didn't arise with dragons, so there had to be a first. So far all of Arya's "dreams" have proven to be based in reality, to the point of destroying entire keeps, and if that's still true then Drogon's not a big fan of Dany. He did flee from her for a while, but then he came back to save her, so I'm not sure how that works with this story. Nor how "Dany killed by her own dragon" works, either.
7/30/2019 c23 sandmanwake
Daeneyrs discovered that the night is dark and full of Arya.

And hey, there's now a couple of cities free for the taking, which Arya should probably do since Daeneyrs isn't available now to keep them from falling back into the hands of slavers.
7/30/2019 c23 viola1701e
Daenerys burned Jon...big mistake
7/30/2019 c23 Sweta-hyd
This chapter was beyond amazing!
7/30/2019 c23 5Hela Lokidottr
7/27/2019 c22 4KZam21
Oh god, Jon went to see Daenerys didn't he? ...hope that works well...
7/24/2019 c6 bookcoda
Wow so Cat slept through all the Stark brothers. lol i really like the focus of this fic as not only is the focus on people that rarely get much attention in other fics but there continues to be conflict and interesting plot points even after the main antagonists have been killed. Though if i have one complaint it would be a lack of interesting payoff or even information about what happened with theon and ned when ned allowed him to go with him i would have also liked more information about Tyrion (my favorite character) and his further reaction to saving shae his feelings about the death of his siblings, not to mention whats his position now. More fluff about his son and Tyrion learning what happened to his mother would be great but i guess ill have to read more to find out.
I wonder if everyone got it that margeary was is raping gendry like i got it in that initial chapter after Renly was so open to legitimizing him and he came back so disturbed as they likely included that in the deal to give him dragonstone. i wonder how Arya is going to feel after finding out speaking of was this fic written before season 8 and i wonder if Arya was together with Gendry in a romantic sense before Arya came back as the story hasn't mentioned Arya having any romantic feelings towards Gendry instead being a codependent intense platonic relationship like the kind of thing i would expect if it was a story focused around jon and arya stranded alone during the game of thrones. Like im not expecting like a sex scene or something just an acknowledgement of the type of relationship that older arya had with gendry whether platonic or otherwise. Speaking of i think that might be another issue i have with the fic a lack of thoughts and feelings about what happened in the future with thoughts themselves being weirdly rare with arya's perspective on major characters being completely missing like does she like renly at this point or is it still just toleration is she angry at her father for trying to control her does she feel anything for her mother besides disgust how does she feel about jon her favorite sibling why is she so cold to robb and her father what is she planning to do with the other dragon egg how will they control opal/keep it secret. How does arya feel about all the major changes she made to major events.
7/23/2019 c1 Kyraillion
Oh, I'm so very glad I found this. Buzzfeed led me to you. Excellent writing. I can't wait to read more!
7/20/2019 c22 Wright
Now I'm extremely worried about Jon. I'm glad Gendry refused Sansa's placement of Alyssa.
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