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for Blood and Waters

2/4/2021 c26 happyraincloud1
1/23/2021 c26 2RhaelleStark
Please please please finish this story! It’s really good!
1/18/2021 c26 7era-romance
holy s! what a way to end this chapter! hoping u update soon
1/14/2021 c17 Baelorfan
I really like Derren, Arya's guard and part of her Army of Twelve that took down Joffrey and Cersei and rook the Red Keep. He recognizes do many truths about how his fellow soldiers' lives have improved since Arya chose them and what her gifts are. All nicely summarized too. Skin-changer, warger, hatcher of dragons (along with Shireen and Gendry). Assassin, general. She could probably steal Daenerys's two captive dragons off her in Meereenese. She has some of the same gifts and powers the Faceless Men have and the slaves who provably brought about the doom.

I don't hate Daenerys. It's just that she goes through life like a bulldozer, destroying cities, wrecking societies. Slavery is bad but you need to develop alternatives. She had no business coming to Westeros once she freed Meereen and Yunkai etc. She needed to help the former slaves survive and reconstruct their economy, turning from slavery to non-slavery. The other thing is that we see an entitled Viserys at the beginning. Once Viserys dies, all his sense of self-entitlement seems to flow into Daenerys, especially once she hatches her dragons. I can understand if the dragons are like her children but they are really not that.
1/8/2021 c26 2Weebsweb
I eagerly await more. This story is so good it should be canon!
12/18/2020 c26 1Shadow Fey
I am eagerly awaiting your next update
12/17/2020 c26 lunadragneel15
me encanto
encontré tu historia y me encantaron
voy de la primera a la última así que ya pronto terminaré de leer todas tus historias
eres increíble
siempre me pregunté que hubiera pasado su viajaban al pasado o algo así y me encanta como lo escribiste
me encanta como la pones a Arya ella es mi personaje favorito
esperare ansiosa las próximas actualizaciones de tus historias y espero que escribas más historias tan maravillosas como las que estás escribiendo hasta ahora
12/12/2020 c26 NKW
Update for Christmas?
11/16/2020 c26 AntaresBlackFerz
Really loved this story, it's one of the most well written I have read in a long time. Thank you. Hope you continue it!
10/18/2020 c26 Wright
Has this story been abandoned? I hope not. It's one of my favorites. Please update it.
10/6/2020 c26 1Maritza92
please update again. this is not a good place to leave the story for so long, I I'm dieing to know what happens next. I would also like to see what the people will be calling Arya after all this. and what happens to the people chained up under the sept...
8/27/2020 c26 2RhaelleStark
Please please please update! Love this story!
8/22/2020 c26 Guest
Update? It's been awhile.
8/20/2020 c26 Ariadne Falcon
Arya's always passing out XD
Love the story! It's one of the best GOT fanfics I've ever read! Can't wait for it to continue!
7/14/2020 c26 alpha099
Sooo good, can’t wait for more. xD
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