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10/30/2017 c4 ArkaFa
Woah, that was a fast update.
That was kind of astrang plan, going north just to turn around and go back where they came from... but it didn't work out anyway, so I'm not really bothered by it. I think if she had tried, Arya could have covinced Ned not to tell Stannis. But if Ned had any idea that she planned to goback to Kingslanding with Gendry he would probably put her in chains, to stop her, I mean eleven is still really little.
So the Arya and Gendry relationship is kind of awkward still, but they're getting there, it wouldn't have been realistic at all if it had been the same from the beginning.
One thing I noticed is the difference of Gendry Arya reunions when written by book readers and people who write referencing the show. Book readers often make Arya more angry at Gendry for choosing the brotherhood over her.
While you didn't really have a reunion, because it is at best a one sided half reunion we can see Aryas feelings on their seperation and they explain why she wants to help Gendry so much.
Sansa is going to be difficult to develop, she had all her girlish silliness an delusions beaten out of her and that won't likely happen now, so she will either griw up very different or something else is going to happen to her.
10/30/2017 c3 ArkaFa
So they are getting on the ship North with Ned? So how do they get to Dorne? I was looking forward to that.. well you'll manage it I'm sure.
The story is going strong, very nice.
So we get a little bit of Jaqen here and no coin, so most likely no Braavos later on. Well she's been there, done that so probably no need doing it over.
I'm not trying to be nitpicky but Aryas friend is spelled Mycah and her brother Rickon.
10/30/2017 c4 ms.ladyaries08
I’m pissed she didn’t tell her dad if she told him what she knows about jons mother he would believe her she is making things way harder than they need to be
10/28/2017 c3 Takai-taka
I really like this story. Wish the updates were a little faster but can't complain
10/28/2017 c3 Guest
Love it please keep updating!
10/28/2017 c3 lazurite
Love it. Arya is so strong.
10/28/2017 c3 1CherepMikhailov
this is starting to look perfect
10/27/2017 c2 Marvelmyra
10/25/2017 c2 Guest
Good story, but without Sansa blaming Arya for Lady's death, I don't think Sansa would be so cold to Arya as you've portrayed her. Arya and Sansa's relationship is fairly antagonistic, but Sansa wouldn't be so mean to her without reason like she was when Arya offered to watch Lady. It's mostly whenever Arya would do something like put mud in her bed that Sansa would yell at her. With Lady alive and Joffrey not angry because of his bite, Sansa would probably be kinder to Arya, especially since Arya has been going to all of her lessons and behaving...
10/23/2017 c2 6JAIMOL
Interesting beginning. I'm waiting to hear how you plan to continue.
10/22/2017 c2 lazurite
I like it so far. I always like these types of stories. Keep it up.
10/22/2017 c2 ArkaFa
Dorne... that certainly shakes things up. Very nice idea.
10/22/2017 c2 Takai-taka
Not a bad story. Randomly found it in the middle of the night. hope you update it regularly. Also I found a spelling mistake in the the first chapter near the beginning. You wrote Barn instead of Bran. Thought I give you a heads up on that to fix it up.
10/22/2017 c1 ArkaFa
Nice start so far, I'm a Gendry-Arya fan and I like this make it all over trope.
So far I imagine the Gendry Arya dynamic will be somewhat awkward in the beginning, because he knows from the beginning who she is.
So let's see where it goes...
10/21/2017 c1 Wright
I really enjoyed this. It saddens me that they died, but at least they were given another chance. I wonder how many people Arya will be able to save. Yoren could gather the bastards and led them to safety. I'm curious how Arya and Gendry will meet again. Will Ned die?
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