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12/4 c76 3azlil7
I like to imagine when Touma inevitably walks in on Kuroko getting dressed, she'll teleport in front of him and kisses him for saving her life while Mikoto can only watch in anger as yet another girl got to kiss Touma before her
12/3 c76 18KHVSFF
Loving this story and that end scene with Touma had me excited. Things are only going to get more interesting.
12/1 c76 1Creampuff16
Man, I love Kuroko centered chapters. she might be my favorite of the group. Her whole moment of having so much faith in Mikoto and Touma is amazing. it reignited my faith in the three, ending up as a couple together
12/1 c76 1janjakennen
Great chapter, like what you did there. I have some opinions I want to address to you. Annoying that I have to ask you this again, but are you still planning to have other girls try to make a move on Touma even after he and Misaka have become an item, because I still can't see any of them giving up and accepting the results (like Misaka 10032, Misaki Shokuhou, Itsuwa, Lessar, Kanzaki, etc). In this fanfic, Touma and Accelerator are best friends that would do anything for each other, so are those two still going to fight each other once you get the WWIII arc. I believe you have plans for Esther to become a regular in this story, but how much longer do we have to wait for her to make a reappearance. Will you have her transfered into Touma's class too to be with Accelerator? Another thing, is Shokuhou going to join the main cast in this fanfic after the Railgun version of the Daihasei Festival arc? Since Misaka and Shokuhou have gotten closer in the canon light novels, they have to here, right? After all, Shokuhou did deeply regret her actions during the events of NT22R, but Misaka still forgave her and they continue to be friendly rivals. Will that happen sooner than later? Also, nice twist with the upgrade on Touma's power. It did get me thinking, will he receive guidance from Index, since she is the only one in Academy city that seem more knowledgeable about magic, or will he learn more about Imagine Breaker from Othinus after saving her? How much longer does Misaka plan to keep her friends in the dark about the Sisters? Index will still have to come into direct contact with Last Order in order to save her from the Angel virus with her song and said song will help Accelerator later down the line during WWIII. She is going to start asking questions to Misaka, given their friendship in this fanfic. Speaking of, what role will she play during the Daihasei arc Railgun ver. I don't think Shokuhou would have the heart to do anything to her memory, given how close Index is to Touma. Shokuhou may be jealous of Index because of that but she wouldn't do anything too harmful to her. She would probably have Index occupied by members of her own clique to make sure Index wouldn't get involved, right? Misaka WORST will be living with Accelerator and Last Order after WWIII, but given that she looks like a high schooler, will she going to be attending the same school as him and Touma? And what about ITEM? When WWIII is over, will they go back to school with Shizuri being a third-year and Frenda, Takitsubo and Hamazura being first-years? Also, What is Touma's relationship going to be with Frenda, Kinuhata, Hamazura, and Takitsubo? They will most likely going to get involved in their leader's adventures with her brother once you get to the New Testament portions of the story and get close with him like the Railgun gang and learn about magic, too. When will Kuroko, Uiharu and Saten start calling Touma by his first name? They have gotten pretty close with him so naturally they would need to start being on first name basis with him and vise versa. About Dolly, would Touma accompany Shokuhou and Mitori when they visit her under the pretense of supervising Mitori and at Shokuhou design, of course. Also, is it possible for you to adapt the Jailbreaker arc in this fanfic (even though it hasn't been animated yet)? And if so, what will Touma and Index's roles going to be, since they would want to contribute into saving Uiharu? Aside from everything I wanted to ask you for now, please keep doing what you are doing. We will all be looking forward to the next arc, especially the Miracle of Endymion arc and see what changes you make to it to make even better than it already is.
12/1 c76 SuddenBetrayal
Thank you for the new chapter, apparently I missed the upload for 75, but that just means I had more to read now. Anyway not too much to say, Remnant went more or less the same, still fun to see the little differences though. The Touma, Yuri banter you have is still on point, it is always really funny especially when compared to the canon versions. Thank you keep up the good work.
11/30 c76 syafielone1359
Reminds me of Shiki Tohno's abilities Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. I'm still not clear if the concept of imagine breaker is more than just negating supernatural powers? (still new in the world of Toaru, maybe!?) The concept here is adding a mysterious version of increase in physical strength or something SUPER haha.
11/29 c76 guest
just hope if the hospital scene comes up, touma's sister would be first at the door for "obvious reasons".
11/29 c76 1Isokage
Welp that's it then, Touma with a changing power, the end of a short ark and if my memory works, now comes the index movie in the timeline. I think there is the perfect chance of Mikoto to make pay a little that red haired priest.
I have a question will the nature of Touma's changing power will do something for the inability to remember a certain someone.
And yes Touma would be Raw Raw fight the powah.
I think for Mecha anime Uiharu would love Code Geass.
11/29 c76 Phantom117a
Now that Touma is aware that his abilities are changing/evolving, what are the odds that he will start practicing to try and activate it on command,

fun little idea, as a bit of SoL section, but have Touma ask Mikasa if she every try guiding on power lines like Cole in the Infamous video game and they and the group begin testing lt to see if she can do it
11/29 c76 DuckBoi
Wonderful work! Chapter was excellent and great timing on it! Once again the Paranormal Vision has emerged. Nice to see you’re exploring more of that. I wonder what other abilities will emerge?

Once again, Miracles are afoot. I won’t lie I almost laughed at that double line (not that I didn’t take the moment seriously).

So, Remnant Arc is now over, well done, though again, what comes next, I’m not sure, either Endymion or Daihasei, probably Daihasei but who knows?

Looking forward to next time!
11/29 c76 4LazinessRules
Touma's developing something similar to Boruto's Jogan, isn't he.
11/22 c75 2Mixmaster226
Damn, I knew I made the right choice checking on this story! Great to see it updated again! There were some spelling and punctuation errors in these two new chapters, but I’m just glad to see more. Pumped for the next one!
10/31 c75 1234
This is a fun chapter but I have one nit I’d like to pick. The narration from Touma’s perspective referring to Mikoto as his “not-quite-girlfriend” doesn’t make any sense. She confessed to him sure, but he hasn’t expressed any interest in actually saying yes. He hasn’t treated or thought of her any different than he would or did in canon. The only relationship upgrade from his end has been that their fake date became a real date he asked her on, but it still went as in canon and he spent time telling Mikoto to pursue another guy instead. There’s been no real reason to believe he likes her as anything more than a friend yet.

You’ve said you want to take things slow on their relationship, so it seems like a big jump from nowhere on his end for her to be referred to as his “not-quite-girlfriend” when she’s really just “girl-he-hasn’t-rejected-yet”. Because at this point in the story, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mikoto assumed he planned to reject her, since all the romantic actions and intent have only come from her side, and he’s shown no interest in her beyond the canon harem shenanigans yet. Feels like there’s some missing ‘Kami’ in this seemingly random Kamikoto development is all I mean.
10/30 c75 DhakaGrayMan
This is peak.
OT8 is peak.
ACSA is peak.
We're back.
We've never been so back before.
10/30 c75 Sarcasm Sage 626
Well this was a nice way to kick off the Tree Diagram arc, complete with a few shakeups from canon.
Yuri joining Touma’s class paves the way for him to interact with the rest of the cast more frequently, his best friend especially. Him lampshading the sheer amount of coincidences and three degrees of separation involved made for a nice bit of comedy too, all the more prevalent when the two found out they’re going to be living under the same roof. Enjoyed the banter the two had throughout the chapter, whether it be the typical best friend back and forth snark, teasing one another over their respective love lives, or comparing notes on the escalating situation. Whole thing makes for such a fun dynamic, and gives Touma his sorely needed guy friend to handle a crisis with. Well, besides Tsuchimikado, but he’s just as liable to help him as he is screw him over.
Side note, liked the touch that he’s rather inaccurate with a gun at the moment, given he hasn’t yet started learning how to use them. Sets up part of his future skill set and shows that he actually needs to PRACTICE to get it down.

Touma finding out about the robbery much sooner as a member of Judgement alters the timing a bit compared to one of the sisters telling him, and his confrontation with Musujime shows how the ripple effects are already taking ahold. Seems Touma’s fame means he can’t rely on his anonymity regarding his powers to catch opponents off guard, well, some of them at least, which is especially troublesome given the ones who would be most aware are the ones who have the most troublesome powers and/or tactics. A teleported is actually one of his worst matchups given their fighting style is all about mobility and (in Musujime’s case) manipulating objects around themselves, neither of which he can negate since he can’t exactly get close. Little wonder he was so frustrated at the end.

Whole thing also seems to set up some of Misaka’s friends learning about the sisters, since unlike canon, Shirai has more confirmation through Touma’s reaction that there’s plenty of truth to what Musujime was saying. Her sneaking out from her room to help out regardless of her injuries is a nice reminder that when it comes to law enforcement she can be just as stubborn as Touma is about helping people, and am curious to see how this whole scenario plays out compared to canon.

Enjoy other little interactions present throughout the chapter, including the entirety of Last Order and Accelerator meeting Komoe, which was as funny as I remember. Not to mention Touma teasing Yuri over the apparent ship tease moment he had with Saten. Looking forward to seeing Yuri’s dynamic with the rest of Touma’s friends.
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