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5/6 c72 Carayen
Not gonna lie, I'm very excited for the Diahasei Festival Arc. It's definitely one of my favorite ones! I can't wait to see how the dynamic between Mikoto and Touma is especially with their families. I am hoping that they will get together during this time too since I'm a huge Kamikoto fan haha. I really like your story and am excited for the next chapter!
5/6 c72 1Nightfang123
Awww man Kuroko and Touma going on the trip together is raising my hopes for a toumaxmikotoxkuroko relationship to form.
4/18 c70 MasterKeikoChan
Hi there! I recently stumbled upon this Fanfic and I am happy I did.
There sadly aren't many "Toaru.." Fanfics that appeal to me, which makes me grateful that you are still writing and releasing chapters. _
Accelerator is one of my favourite charakters and I have to admit I've grown quite fond of his and Touma's friendship. I'm stoked to read more of them.
Also kinda glad that you left an option for Esther to return. She and Accelerator have a funny dynamic
(the scene in the anime where she asks him to be her teacher cracks me up every time).
Sorry for any misspelling, English isn't my first language and my spelling sometimes is a bit wonky...
4/17 c72 fencer29
How can Touma say that his life is nothing but misfortune? While he may have had to face Stiyl, Agnese and her force of battle nuns, the Amakusa, an irritated Kuroko, and a hungry Index, all while armed with nothing more than his singular right hand, Misaka, Saten and Uiharu had to face an angry Shizuri (as if she ever isn't angry?) and tell her something which would only serve to fire her up even more. Sounds like he got the better side of that deal.
4/17 c72 2brianhu1
I doubt that Touma or Kuroko would just stand by and watch when they find out that the Roman Orthodox Church were in fact there to abduct Orsola, treaty or no treaty. That would go against their training as Judgement agents.
4/15 c72 5had0wHand
Ok addition of Kuroko probably gonna make this arc more entertaining. Especially I'm if this arc will change Kuroko. I feel like Kuroko witnessing how obsessed nuns are should probably make her question something about herself. Like how far she gonna go to get job done.

Another part that probably will been someone witness is probably what next interaction between rest of Railgang girls and Mugino gonna be?

Gotta admit that's one hell of blow to Saten and one unintentional blow to Misaka.
4/14 c72 SuddenBetrayal
Thank you for the new chapter. I still like this story overall, although I am really unsure about this whole guardian balancer angle you have going now. Like I honestly have no idea where you are going to even go with it, it feels like something that's just so... not Touma I guess? I guess it just feels like NT13 where High Priest wants Touma to be a scorekeeper for the magic gods, and it just seems like that would be where something like this would go. Othinus said it best in NT14, Touma's strength doesn't come from some weapon or ultimate ability, it comes from his ability to find understandings with his opponents and bring them around in the end. I mean I guess as far as that goes the unarmed only route sailed a while ago. Granted, I'm still a bit on the fence on that stuff too, but I see the story necessity for it for those earlier arcs. Its too late to change course at this point anyway and I hope that whatever you have planned with it is worth it. I mean presumably if you ever get that far the end of old testament on will essentially be unrecognizable as the same story anyway based on the butterfly effect that seems to be snowballing with every small change. I am still mostly onboard with this story I just hope you have a good plan. To end this on a positive note since I got a little negative, my main draw is still the character interactions and those are on point as usual, no notes there. The parts where you essentially roasted characters were especially funny, especially calling out Stiyl on his bs for mistreating Kamijou. Also the scene where Mugino attacks Saten for being a bad sibling was funny. Although, it seems weird that none of them snapped back at Mugino for essentially abandoning Touma and retreating so far into the shadows for like 10 years or to the point where he didn't even know she was alive. On the other hand I guess she might of gotten really angry then so maybe its for the best that they stayed quiet.
4/14 c72 22Daemon of Wrath
I was jumping for joy when I saw this story updated. It is one of my favorite fics ever, mostly due to character interactions. And honestly, my intro to the To Aru series was through the anime too. I think it was the scene where Touma beats Aureolus that drew me in because of Dragon King Head. Then it got me interested in what happens in the Light Novels.

And I am excited how you plan to incorporate said arcs later down the line. Like, when Touma fights beings like Thor and Othinus?

And how his friends would react to him fighting said beings. Would Mikoto, Yuri, and Shizuri even be there to help him in those cases?

Speaking of Shizuri...not sure how you plan to go when it happens, but I hope Frenda lives. While your Shizuri is a different due to being a protective big sister, she still did pretty dark stuff. I hope she stops herself from killing Frenda in her fight against SCHOOL. The little bomber did not deserve to go out like that.

And would either Shizuri or Yuri be present when Touma saves Mikoto from her Level 5.3 State? Like, would they see the 8 Dragon Heads shooting out of his body and saving Mikoto?

But above all...with what you have set up...how will you handle the "Kamijou" Arc? I mean, with so many more close friends and family a part of the Kamijou Faction, how would they react to the two Toumas? Especially when one has the memories of the life of Touma before July 28th? And this is something I'm not sure of since I was not able to read the Light Novels, but when Touma defeats "Touma", will Touma regain "Touma's" memories and effectively become whole again in your spin on things? Like, the memories of "Touma" become assimilated into Touma? Or is it not meant to be?

Speaking of memories...will Touma's condition regarding Misaki be amended? Like, will he actually be able to retain memory of her again? I know this is a Kamikoto story, and I like the pairing, but I'm also partial to Touma x Misaki, Touma x Itsuwa, and Touma x Kaori. What happened between Touma and Misaki is pretty tragic.

Seeing this updated is always a treat. Good luck finding your balance and looking forward to more.
4/14 c72 GunsAndMagic
Great chapter and well worth the wait! Thank you for all of your work on this story!
I especially love the pacing in this chapter. It kept me hooked the whole time!
4/14 c72 GunsAndMagic
Great chapter and well worth the wait! Thank you for all of your work on this story!
I especially love the pacing in this chapter. It kept me hooked the whole time!
4/13 c72 Sarcasm Sage 626
Happy to see another chapter for this, and that we're moving onto the next arc already.
Like how we're starting to see from changes from canon, between Touma taking Kuroko with him and needing the others to alert Shizuri that he's going to be out due to Touma shenanigans. The latter in particular led to that entire scene between the girls and Shizuri, who they're all afraid of for obvious reasons. Even if she weren't a Level 5 she'd probably intimidate them with big sister protective instincts alone. Like the parallels that were made between all present sisters, and it shows that for all her faults, Shizuri always had her little brothers safety in mind. While she has a bit of a point calling out Saten, she was pretty harsh doing so, and to be fair to Misaka, she didn't even know most of the Sisters EXISTED until she ran into one. Then again, that sort of self blame is to be expected from her. On a lighter note, found Shizuri's explanation that even in middle school girls still flocked to Touma asking for permission to date him to be hilarious! Also makes me wonder if he got into some of the same kind of shenanigans as he does now, albeit to a lesser degree.
Adding Kuroko to the Orsola arc makes it possible to do more interesting character interactions, especially between Science and Magic side characters. Not to mention the convenience of having a teleported on their side. Teleportation is one of the most annoying powers to fight.
And of course, more foreshadowing for the ZEXAL door, along with a mysterious onlooker. That's definitely building up to something big down the line, maybe some sort of upgrade for Imagine Breaker? At the same time, I hope it doesn't happen too soon, just because this seems like something Touma would invoke only if he really needs the boost, and I feel those kind of upgrades work best with a long buildup beforehand.
Side note, like how this story gives Touma a chance to show off his smarts a bit more, especially since he managed to pick up on Orsola's unease from the start. That Judgement work is really paying off.
4/12 c72 Kurt930
Is touma gonna meet the girl who had the angel dragon in the jail breaker arc in future chapters or not?
4/12 c72 DuckBoi
And so we finally arrive at Index 2, and boy has this been a long awaited season for me! So much to do, and you’re already off to a great start. An interesting choice, having Kuroko come along on this one, still, well justified. I wonder if Touma will use that rumor again in the future? And the door is shown again, an interesting time for it.

Now I believe that you’ve been asked this before but I don’t know if you answered it, are you doing the Endymion movie? I know it takes place during Season 2 and it would be interesting to see what you do with it.
4/12 c72 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
4/12 c72 Zatil Hidayah Spensa
Ah. This chapter was a nice breath of fresh air. Good way to start the Orsola Arc.

I didn't expect only Kuroko to get involved, but I aint complaining.

I like that little convo between Touma and Stiyl. Its good to see they're actually bonding a little, contrary to their relationship in the LN, witch make them enemies every single turn they get.
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