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12/16/2018 c3 Guest
sadness was being bad
11/20/2017 c5 1Tripledent
I'm glad that Riley got through it, and her parents, teachers and friends were there for her on the other side.
11/18/2017 c5 5Orangebird124
Oh my God, Holly, we did it! I never thought with how this collab turned out to be a success! (Joy: *cheering* Woohoo! You did it, guys! I'm so proud of you two!) Aw, thanks, Joy! (Sadness: The collab is over already? Aww, that's sad.) (Fear: *relieved* I'm glad this dramatic story is over!) (Anger: *slaps Fear* Hey, do not offend Holly and OB, beanpole!) (Disgust: *to Fear* Yeah, genius, you heard him!) Holly, you are always welcome for my funny reviews! Anyway, let's get down to reviewing, shall we? Well, the Emotions made it back to Headquarters so that's good even though Riley was on her way to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Good thing Sadness didn't break out of her locked bedroom, otherwise things would've been way worse! (Sadness: You mean like when Riley tried to kill herself? *sniffles* That was very sad.) Yeah, most likely like that, Sadness. When Joy placed the orb into the projector, Riley started to have all of those happy memories and I was so happy when Riley told her parents that she came out of her depression and explained why! (Joy: *smiling* Guys, I'm not joking. I cried tears of joy when Riley went back to normal and when she formed into a group hug with her family.) (Fear: *smiling, as he sniffles* Yeah, me too. This was an emotional roller coaster for me after that one.) (Disgust: It's just like the quote: "You have to do everything you can. You have to work your hardest. And if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining.".) That's right, Disgust. I was so happy for the Emotions when they were able to cure Riley and they even unlocked Sadness' door and Sadness is back to normal! (Anger: *happily* I never thought I'd say this, but I miss my kid. She's back to her old self.) (Joy: *to Anger, happily* There you go, Anger! Now there's the positivity we'd like to see!) My most favorite part was when Sadness apologized to everyone about what happened during her depression and especially when she apologized to Anger and Disgust. The way how Disgust accepted Sadness' apology was definitely in character! (Joy: I really wish Disgust would pull Sadness into a hug, though.) (Disgust: *to Joy*: Joy, that would make me look O.O.C. I am not pulling someone into a hug even if I'm forced to eat broccoli pizza!) (Joy: *to Disgust* But, Disgust, it's so cute! I like it!) (Disgust: *annoyed* Well, I don't and that is stupid.) Guys, stop fighting! Can't you see I'm trying to review this final chapter? (Joy and Disgust: *in unison* We're sorry, OB.)

Sorry about that, Holly. Please disregard what Joy said. As I was saying, I felt really bad when Sadness started crying about the things she did wrong during her depression until Joy comforted her by saying that everything will be okay and that they love her very much. (Sadness: I'm so happy to be back to myself again.) (Joy: *hugs Sadness* We miss the old you, Sadness.) Oh, the group hug! I just gotta love the group hugs! I even loved it when Riley said good morning to Ms. Janet and apologized to her about what happened during her depression! I even loved the part where Riley and Jordan played kickball in the gym and I'm so glad that Riley won the battle with depression. Holly, I didn't mind if the story was short, I enjoyed every single thing and I'm happy that we got to do this together and I can't thank you for that. Remember, we are a team. (Joy: That's right! We are Team Happy!) (Sadness: This story may have been sad, but I would have to read it again someday.) (Fear: At least the drama is finally over.) (Joy: We'll be waiting right here for your next story, Holly. Remember to keep up the good work and always find the fun!) This has also been the best collab ever! :)
11/18/2017 c5 CNBW
This was a nice yet intense story, I was surprised this was the last chapter! XD
Nice work! :P
11/18/2017 c5 18Svinorita
I loved the ending of this story :) After the previous chapter, I was worried about how things would turn out for Riley now that she had developed such a serious case of depression and whether Sadness would ever return to her usual gentle and compassionate self. But fortunately the other emotions' plan had worked when they played that blue orb for Riley and she remembered all those happy moments in her life!
Now both Riley and Sadness have returned to normal and whether they will ever be truly cured of depression or not, the most important thing is that they have learned how to cope better! There is one unanswered question I have though: What happened to Thursday the 16th Island? Is it still there now that Riley and Sadness have overcome their depression, since it was kind of the catalyst that set all these events in motion in the first place? If it does still exist, then let's hope that it doesn't trigger a similar bout of depression in Sadness in the future...

I didn't mind if the story was short at all :) I still think you and Orangebird124 have done an amazing job on your first collab together and I really enjoyed reading it! That was an interesting idea to explore the effects of depression in a story and I thought it was well researched and nicely written! Well done guys :)
I am eagerly looking forward to reading your next story when it comes out and I'll be right here to show my support :)

11/18/2017 c5 31iHateFridays
What a nice ending! I'm glad Riley is back to herself. And Sadness apologized, naturally. Good on the emotions for saving their girl, and good on you for finishing! :D

11/16/2017 c4 1Tripledent
Yep, drama city in this story, holy smokes!
11/11/2017 c4 8Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
OH MY GOSH, THIS WAS SO ACCURATELY PERSONAL! It's like you looked through one of my worst memories, HollyAnne1084! I feel like this is a false alarm, though. Depression does not end with the flick of a switch and poor Sadness! I look forward to your next chapter!
11/11/2017 c4 5Orangebird124
Oh, yeah! The fourth chapter is already out! I'm so excited to review this chapter already! (Joy: Yay!) (Sadness: Another long review, here we come.) Oh my God, this has been Riley's worst day ever. First she gave her backpack and lunch away and she broke her own phone! Wait, did Riley just cut herself on her arm with a cutter in her room?! (Fear: *screaming* THAT'S SELF-HARM! NOW I FEEL LIKE IT'S "THE CHAMPION" ALL OVER AGAIN!) (Anger: *shocked* Oh my God, Riley did not just do that! NOBODY DOES THAT TO MY HOST!) (Disgust: And Riley's arm was so bloody, I just can't take it!) (Sadness: *sobbing* No, Riley! WHY?!) For a moment, I thought Riley's parents came home, but it was only Jordan. Things were going just fine until Jordan noticed the cut on Riley's arm and he was shocked to see this! (Fear: *nervously* Oh, now the self-harm is going to give me nightmares! I just know it!) Riley even threatened to beat up Jordan if he told Jill when she got home! (Sadness: *crying* Riley, please! It's not a good idea!) (Joy: This definitely doesn't sound like the Riley we know.) What is this? Riley was trying to kill herself! Good thing Jordan and Jill stopped her in the nick of time before she could actually attempt suicide. (Anger: Holy moly, Jill just said the 'F' word! It must've came from the curse word library, Holly!) (Fear: I did not see that coming!) (Disgust: *to Fear* Uh, hello, genius? Parents can curse you know.) Oh-no! All of the Emotions were starting to turn blue and almost everything except for Thursday the 16th Island has been shut down! (Fear: *screaming* ABANDON SHIP! ABANDON SHIP! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE, GUYS!) (Joy: *screaming* I don't even know what to do anymore!) Anger even read the Mind Manuals and looked up into the "Mental Disorders" section an the way you explained it was perfect! Wait, did Anger just knock Sadness out? Yikes! That's gotta leave a mark! But it's for everyone's own good! (Sadness: *angrily, crying* Why, Anger? Why would you do that to me?!) (Anger: *shouting, to Sadness* You kicked me in the crotch before!) (Sadness: *angrily* And you knocked me out by punching me in the face, so now we're even!) (Disgust: Now that Anger locked Sadness in her bedroom, she can't have access to the console.) (Joy: Don't worry, guys, I'm sure that Sadness and Anger are gonna apologize to each other in the end. You'll see.) (Fear: They better.)

So, now that the Emotions entered the Subconscious after going through those places that Joy, Sadness and the late Bing Bong went to in the first film, I liked how the Emotions worked together by searching for the powerful orb and I was proud of Disgust for finding the switch. (Disgust: Thanks, OB!) My pleasure, Disgust. Joy was awesome at turning the switch off and when she grabbed the orb! I was surprised to see that Frank and Dave were astonished to see the Emotions saving the orb. Now all they have to do is help Riley reach for the silver lining and everything will be back to normal! (Joy: *happily* I feel like doing the happy dance right now!) (Fear: *seriously* Really? At this time, Joy? But you should've seen how Riley tried to commit suicide!) (Joy: *to Fear* I know, Fear. But I'm just excited for happy endings!) (Disgust: *face palms herself* Oh, good grief!)
11/11/2017 c4 18Svinorita
Wow this was really intense! I never imagined that Riley would try to harm herself that way because of Sadness' scary new power! It's a good thing that Jordan showed up when he did and discovered what she was up to...who knows how bad things could have turned out if he didn't intervene?!

Yikes! Me and my Fear are both having a bit of a panic attack after Riley put that cutter to her throat with the intention of committing suicide! I feel so sorry for Jill when she found her daughter in that situation. That's so heartbreaking :(
I wonder what Bill will do when he comes home and finds out what Riley attempted to do...

So depression is brought on when a person's Sadness Emotion has too much power over the others? That's a really interesting concept. I never thought an Emotion as gentle and compassionate as Sadness has the potential to be so dangerous and that dark power can be triggered by certain traumatic events like the gunman breaking into Riley's school...

Oh no Anger! You knocked Sadness out by punching her in the face?! I know...he did it with the best of intentions since they couldn't leave her at the console unattended or take her along with them to the Subconscious. But still...poor little teardrop :(
Hopefully she doesn't get out of her room and destroy Headquarters before the others can return! And I got a feeling a certain red Emotion might be the first victim on her hit list if she decides to vent her newfound rage on her co-workers...

That was hilarious how Anger snubbed his toe not once but twice on the journey to the Subconscious! Naturally, his first instinct is to fly into a rage and burst into flames...how typical Anger :) I'm just so relieved that he didn't take his frustration out on Fear for once!

Now the Emotions have the powerful blue orb and disabled its electric field by turning off the switch. I'm really glad they all returned to their original colors as surely that's a sign that Sadness' spell can be lifted from Riley as well? I am a bit nervous about what will happen when they bring the orb back to Headquarters and Sadness actually sees it...

I guess only time will tell and I can't wait to see what happens next! Once again great job HollyAnne1084 and Orangebird124 :) Keep up the amazing work guys!

11/11/2017 c4 31iHateFridays
Well that was intense 0_0 Riley is really having some issues. The good news is the emotions found the orb, so they can stop all this! I hope Sadness doesn't try anything.

11/11/2017 c4 CNBW
Sadness, nooo! My sweet little marsh mellow is insane. Spoopy. :3
11/6/2017 c3 1Tripledent
To be honest, I'm glad Riley's conversation with Ms. Janet didn't go even worse than that. Sadness being like this is unbelievable, we as readers must find out why! And there's the more immediate cliffhanger of the end of the chapter, I'm looking forward to finding out just what Sadness has done!
11/4/2017 c3 18Svinorita
Wow! Things really are getting intense! I never expected Sadness to react so aggressively towards the other Emotions...she even slapped Disgust in the face! Right after she did that, Disgust actually acted a bit like Sadness might have in a similar situation by crying! Then even more shocking was that Sadness kicked Anger in the crotch repeatedly (although I couldn't help laughing a little as I imagined that scene in my mind!)
It looks like ever since Sadness' skin turned darker it also made her mood darker as well and that's a scary thought! I wonder what the other Emotions are going to do with her now and how can they keep her away from the console before she causes any further trouble for Riley...?
I really anticipate your next update...this is getting really interesting now and I can't wait to see what happens next! (Maybe the others will have to banish Sadness from Headquarters if she continues to become nastier...I hope she doesn't wind up in the Subconscious!)
You and Orangebird124 have written another amazing chapter Holly :) Keep up the awesome work guys! The two of you write really well together :)

P.S. You say that you are going to publish another story soon? That's great to hear and I'll be sure to read and review it when it comes out :)

11/4/2017 c3 31iHateFridays
Uh-oh, Sadness is going insane. When she said... that swear-word, that was pretty intense. I have a feeling something's going on. Very sp00py indeed.

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